Combination Bachelor’s/MPH Degree Program

This page was last revised on March 1, 2024.

Program Overview

The combined Bachelor’s/MPH degree program is available to exceptional UF undergraduate students from any college and major. These students also have a demonstrated interest in working in the public health field. Through this program, up to 15 semester hours of approved graduate level MPH courses are used as dual credit for both the undergraduate and graduate degree, allowing students to get a 15-credit head start on MPH coursework while still working on their undergraduate degree!

Students accepted into the combination degree program can begin taking their pre-identified MPH classes in fall semester at the start of their final year of undergraduate studies. All other requirements for both the Bachelor’s degree and the MPH degree must be met. (View the graduation requirements for the MPH program here.)

Prospective combined degree students must be able to take at least 9 credits (maximum of 15 credits) of MPH coursework with their undergraduate degree. If this is not possible, students are advised to instead apply to the traditional MPH program in their final year of undergraduate studies.

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Application Process and Criteria

Admission to the MPH combination degree program is competitive. The number of students accepted into the program depends on the application cycle and space available. Applicants must apply to only one of the five primary MPH concentrations:

Minimum requirements for application are listed below, as well as qualities that make an applicant more competitive:

  • Minimum: Current UF undergraduate from any major
    • Competitive applicants will also have noteworthy and relevant volunteer, service, or other public health-related experiences, excellent letters of recommendation, and a clear interest in the program and concentration.
  • Minimum: Overall GPA of 3.2
    • Competitive applicants will have at least a 3.6 GPA
  • Minimum: Completed STA 2023, BSC 2005 or BSC 2010, and PSY 2012 with a grade of at least a C
    • Competitive applicants will have at least a B average in these courses
    • Most concentrations also consider the students’ demonstrated ability to learn statistics (e.g., as indicated by higher grades in statistics and mathematics courses)

How to apply:

A complete application will include:

  • Combination Any Bachelor’s/Master of Public Health (MPH) Degree Planning Form
  • Up-to-date transcripts documenting all college-level workunofficial transcripts are acceptable
  • Current resume
  • At least two letters of recommendation (three letters are suggested)
    • At least one letter must be from a faculty member or course instructor
    • Please advise your recommenders to email their letters of recommendation directly to Andre McFadden II at with the subject line: “Letter for Combined Degree Applicant: [Your First and Last Name]”
    • Your recommenders should submit the letter as an attached PDF file with the following file name: “[Your Last Name] – LoR – [Their Last Name]”.pdf
  • Submit your professional Statement of Purpose* (no more than 2 pages at 1.5 or double-spacing) outlining:
    • your motivation to study and work in the field of public health;
    • how a public health degree relates to your professional goals;
    • why you want to study at the University of Florida;
    • why you have chosen your specified concentration;
    • how your personal or academic background and experiences allow you to bring unique perspectives to the program, and contribute to an inclusive public health community.
    • *These bullets were revised on January 18th, 2023 to provide further clarity to the State of Purpose (previously referred to as the personal statement).

Submit your complete application electronically to Andre McFadden II at Please send ONE email with the Subject Line: “Combined MPH Degree Application – [Your Last Name]”

  • Your complete application should include four [4] attachments: (1) Your Combined MPH planning form (2) Current Transcripts (3) Resume (4) Statement of Purpose.
  • Please send these attachments as PDF files and include your last name in all files names. For example: “Ardizzone – Resume”
  • In the body of your email, please list the names of your recommenders and whether or not they have submitted their letter or not.
    • For example: “Dr. Michael Moorhouse – Sent,” “Dr. Brittney Dixon – Awaiting,” “Dr. Frederick Kates – Expected by [date],” etc.

Additional Requirement: Once accepted into the MPH combination degree program, the student will also need to apply to the UF Graduate School; however, do not take this step until after you have received acceptance into the combination degree program.

Timing of Application/Admission

Students must submit their combination degree application by June 1st the year prior to graduation. For example, if a student is graduating in any semester of 2025 (spring, summer, or fall), they must submit their application by June 1, 2024. Applications received after the deadline may not receive full consideration.

Within 1-month after the application deadline, students will receive a decision letter from the Master of Public Health program. Accepted students will also be notified to pick up the combination degree form from the MPH program office. Accepted students must return this completed and signed combination degree form to their undergraduate academic advising office to ensure proper filing with the Registrar’s office to receive credit for the shared coursework. The Master of Public Health Program will register students for their graduate public health courses each semester.

Students with questions about the application process or the MPH program can reach out to Andre McFadden II at or (352) 273-7036.