Combination MPH degrees

The MPH program participates in a number of combination degree opportunities within and outside the College of Public Health and Health Professions. In addition, the MPH is an option for a growing number of residents, fellows and faculty in the University of Florida academic health center and the larger university community. Below are the various types of combination programs offered.

Combination programs are available for students seeking professional doctoral degrees in:

Combination programs with doctoral level graduate degrees (PhD/MPH) are also available in:

Combination master’s programs (for example, MS/MPH or MA/MPH) can be developed to meet the career goals of individual students. Learn more about the combination master’s programs.

Combination Bachelor’s/MPH program is offered to qualified undergraduate seniors, which allows completion of 15 MPH credits during their senior year. Learn more about the combination bachelor’s/MPH program here.

Graduation Requirements

All students in combination MPH programs must meet graduation requirements of the MPH. View a full description of the campus MPH program.