The ProSeries is a series of professional development presentations for online and campus MPH students. The ProSeries does not apply to any Public Health Certificate students or combined degree students who are not in their senior year of the program.

These presentations and content are important for all students in the program. Some of the sessions are mandatory while others are strongly encouraged. Some of the required presentations are required specifically for the final Capstone course (PHC6940).

This is not a class that you will be formally registered for, but rather an ongoing Canvas site that you are enrolled in for the duration of your MPH program, however long that time may be. This ongoing registration in the Canvas course is so you (and the MPH staff) can keep track of attendance in required sessions and provide additional resources.

Sessions for ProSeries will have an option for joining via Zoom. We realize that many online students will not have the ability to attend the live Zoom sessions, so they will all be recorded and available to view following each session.

ProSeries Meeting Times

  • During Fall semesters, ProSeries sessions take place on Thursdays during 5th period (11:45am-12:35pm ET) and/or 6th period (12:50pm-1:40pm ET).
  • During Spring semesters, ProSeries sessions take place on Mondays during 5th period (11:45am-12:35pm ET) and/or 6th period (12:50pm-1:40pm ET).
  • There are no ProSeries sessions during Summer terms.

Current Schedules – Academic Year 2023-2024

Students will receive guidance regarding which sessions to attend based on their status within the program. For example, some sessions are required to be completed within a student’s first semester while others are required to be completed before a student enrolls into Capstone. These requirements and recommendations will be clearly defined in the ProSeries Canvas Course.

The schedules for the ProSeries are subject to change. Students, please check the Canvas course regularly in the event that any updates are made.

Fall 2023 ProSeries Schedule
Spring 2024 ProSeries Schedule

If you have any questions about the ProSeries, please contact Ms. Telisha Martin at