Omari Richens headshotI think there is a lot of support for students by faculty and other administrators in the program. The faculty pushed students to achieve their most and really want to see each of us succeed, and they are there to support us throughout this process. – Omari Richins, Campus MPH, Graduating Spring 2019


Samari Blair headshotKnowing that my voice is heard and appreciated is very important to me and something I truly value about the MPH program at UF. – Samari Blair, Campus MPH, Graduating Spring 2019


Thomas Sit headshotEach concentration is interconnected. Even for the jobs that I pursued, they all include components of different concentrations. – Thomas Sit, Campus MPH, Graduated Spring 2016


Nichole Stetten headshotI think the most memorable experience throughout the program, were the life long friends I made along the way. – Nichole Stetten, Campus MPH, Graduated Spring 2015