PHC6313 – Environmental Health Concepts

Course Overview

This course is a survey of major topic areas of Environmental Health. It will examine sources, routes, media, and health outcomes associated with biological, chemical and physical agents in the environment. It will cover how these agents affect disease, water and air quality, food safety, and land resources in community and occupational settings. The course will introduce the students to the economic context and touch on legal frameworks associated with environmental health issues and public health.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Define the major sources of biological, chemical and physical agents found in water, air, soil, and food

2. Understand chemical and pathogen routes of exposure, toxic mechanisms of action, and health impacts

3. Describe the tools that are used to analyze health impacts of environmental exposures, such as toxicology, exposure assessment, and epidemiology

4. Describe the role of risk assessment paradigms in creating safe environments, including target populations exposed to hazardous agents

5. Describe methods used to detect, manage, control, or remove health hazards

6. Understand the existing regulatory framework and policy for controlling environmental and occupational agents.

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