Other PhD/MPH Options

other phd mph options

The requirements for this program are currently being updated. For questions, please contact Telisha Martin at martints@phhp.ufl.edu.

Program Overview

An MPH degree can be a useful addition to many other academic programs. Since public health activities are carried out through numerous public entities and private firms, an MPH degree can serve many careers very well. The University of Florida provides a framework for individuals in any PhD program to develop a non-traditional doctoral/master’s degree program. Whenever appropriate, the MPH program will work enthusiastically with individual students to develop these collaborative degree programs.

PhD Program Profiles at the Graduate School’s webpages maintains a list of the various PhD programs offered through the UF Graduate School.

Graduation Requirements

All students in collaborative MPH programs must meet graduation requirements of the MPH. Programs developed on an individual basis must have the written approval of the representative of each academic unit involved and the dean of the Graduate School. Nine credits of coursework from one degree may be applied, with Graduate School approval, toward meeting the requirements of the second degree. The Graduate School maintains the appropriate forms for nontraditional doctoral/master’s degree programs.

Click here to view the graduation requirements for the MPH program.

Admission Criteria and Process

Click here to view the admissions criteria for the Master of Public Health program.

Click here to view the admissions criteria for PhD program through the UF Graduate School.

Students should feel free to contact Telisha Martin (martints@phhp.ufl.edu) if they have questions regarding the public health combined PhD/MPH programs (352-273-6443).