Costs and Financial Aid

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Tuition and Fees

Campus Program

Campus Program Description

Tuition for the campus based MPH program may be assessed in two different ways. Upon accepting an offer of admission, students must indicate the appropriate billing method for their particular situation.

Campus Program Full-Time Tuition

Full-time students taking 9 or more credits per semester (in both 48 credit and accelerated 42 credit programs) are billed in four equal block payments over their first four semesters enrolled, including summer. Current tuition block rates for the MPH program can be found on the university Bursar’s website at by clicking the tuition and fee ling for the current academic year and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

Campus Program Part-Time Tuition

Part-time students taking less than 9 credits per semester, as well as students admitted to the collaborative degree programs, are billed at the MPH credit hour rate (calculated by dividing the semester block tuition rate by 12) when enrolled in MPH courses.

Campus Program Tuition Waiver Policy

Waivers can only be used in the campus program on a space available basis. For further information, you may go to the UF EEP information page at:

Online Program

Online Program Description

Tuition for the online-based MPH program is set at a per credit rate. There is no block tuition option. All tuition is assessed at the same rate, regardless of residency status. There are, however, additional fees assessed for online courses.

Online Program Tuition

Online students pay a per-credit tuition rate of $550 per credit.

Online Program Fees

Online students pay a fee rate of $35.75 per credit.

Online Program Tuition Waiver Policy

The online Master of Public Health program is a self-funded program. Therefore, students in the online program cannot use a UF EEP, UF Teaching Assistant, or State Tuition waiver for online courses.

Employer Payments

If a student’s employer is paying all or part of the tuition payment, students must contact the UF Financial Services office to request an invoice for payment.

  • Employers must make tuition payments by the payment deadline for the semester.
  • Please make sure that employer-submitted payments contain a student’s name and UFID number
  • Students who are on a reimbursement plan with their employer must make tuition payments by the semester deadline.

Financial Aid

  1. Applications and eligibility requirements for financial aid can be found at the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) site at (The University of Florida code for the FAFSA is 001535.)
  2. Domestic (US) students who apply for the traditional, campus-based MPH program by February 1st for the following fall semester will automatically be considered for a limited number of one-time merit based Dean’s Scholarships. No other scholarships are offered by the department or college at this time. (Note: The online MPH program also does not offer scholarships at this time.)
  3. Other graduate funding resources can be found here: UF Graduate School Funding Resources

For information regarding federal or private loan eligibility, or financial aid processing questions or concerns, please contact Student Financial Aid at 352-392-1275 or by visiting

Late Fees

Late registration fee – Students must clear all student holds by checking the website – ALL students will have holds every semester, particularly the “Preparation for Registration” hold and the “Emergency Contact” holds, though students may experience other holds in the course of the program. Students will remove holds, register for their own courses, and pay their tuition at the Student Self Service website at Failure to register or remove holds in a timely manner may result in the University accessing a $100 late registration fee.

Late payment fee – Students must pay their tuition using Student Self Service,, or mail a check to the address posted there by the UF tuition deadline. Full tuition must be paid by 3:30 of the 2nd Friday in the semester. Students who do not pay their tuition by this deadline will incur a $100 late payment fee. Students who have a financial aid or military assistance fee deferment will have this noted on their records. It is the responsibility of the student to verify these deferments.

Re-enrollment fee – Students who do not make at least a partial payment by the 3rd Friday of the semester are subject to automatic withdrawal from classes. This withdrawal does NOT waive tuition responsibility. The UF Registrar’s Office will require a form requesting reenrollment and a $100 fee to reinstate course enrollment.

Note: Students who do not register for two semesters in a row or more will be required to submit a readmission application and $30 application fee to resume program participation.

Military Benefits

If you are receiving financial aid, your deferment will be noted on Student Self Service under “My Campus Finances.” Please visit the UF Financial Aid website for more information at

If the military is paying all or part of a student’s tuition, please consult the website for important information. Students must register with the VA office to obtain the correct paperwork and qualifications for military educational benefits. Students must pay their portion of the tuition via Student Self Service by the UF payment deadline.

If you are receiving military tuition assistance or tuition payments, you must contact the UF Coordinator of Veterans Certification.

Please visit the military information website at for a deferment request form and contact information.

UF Veterans Affairs Support Services
222 Criser hall
Mailing: PO Box 114000
Gainesville, FL 32611-4000
Phone: 352-294-2948
Fax: 352-846-2872

Refund Policy

Students may drop a course during the drop/add period of the semester (2-5 days after the semester begins) and receive a full tuition refund. Check the UF Academic Calendar for the specific dates each semester at UF Academic Calendar. Dropped courses after the drop/add period will not receive a full refund.

Withdrawal Refund

Students may receive a 25% tuition refund if they withdraw from all courses by the dates posted on the UF Academic Calendar for each semester. Students who withdraw after these dates will not qualify for a tuition refund. Refund requests must be submitted directly to the University Bursar.