Public Health Day

Students focus on a wide variety of topics for their special projects. Examples are listed below.

Summer 2019 Public Health Day Presentations

Casey ParkerPHPEngaging the Community in Vector Control: A Pilot Education Campaign in San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Abdulaziz HakeemPHPThe Role of Dental Professionals in Managing HPV Infection and Oral Cancer
Tejas PatelPHPIdentification of Barriers and Linkage to Care of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)-Infected Persons
Amanda LaPortePHPAccess and Barriers to Oral Health Care in Pregnancy
Xavier WilliamsPHPSelf-Identified Factors Effecting First-Time Fathers in Assuming the Parental Role
Seth ChatfieldPHPBreast & Body Health: Strategic Plan Development
Morgan GatesSBSTest & Go Effectiveness: Analysis of Two Sexual Health Clinics in Thomas Jefferson Health District, Virginia
Rebecca Austin-DattaEHAssessing the effectiveness of a new, in-person UF CTSI Training Course: “Accessing Environmental Health Databases”
Jenna DanielEHDevelopment of a community-based birth registry for use in rural Ethiopia
Cirilo LoraEHResidual Transfluthrin as a Spatial Repellent to Control Mosquito Vectors of Disease
Linda HansenPHPChildren’s Environmental Health Assessment in DuPage County
Hussain AlqhtaniBIOPost-Myocardial Infarction Depression (PMD) among privately insured persons in the US, Evidence from 2005-2015 data
Aurelie PohlPHPChronic Sequelae of Foodborne Parasitic Gastroenteritis: A Systematic Review
Sarah NguyentranEHIntegrated Vector Management in Caguas City, Puerto Rico: A Post-Intervention Outcome Evaluation by Mosquito Abundance
Victoria BrasePHPAddressing vaccine hesitancy effectively during a brief office visit
Jeff SatineSBSAssessing the Livability Needs of Older Adults in Alachua County
Yewande AddieSBSPerceptions of Care & Patient-Provider Communication by Varying Identity Group Patients Seen at UF’s Student Health Care Center
Sarah BruscaSBSBaby Steps: Connecting the Social Determinants of Health to Infant Milestones
Fizza ImranPHMPPhysical and Emotional Health Impacts of Electronic Gaming: Harassment within the collegiate gaming population
Gracelyn KlettnerSBSEvaluating Current Dog Bite Awareness and Knowledge in Alachua County, Florida: A Comprehensive Questionnaire
Deirdre LoveEHThe efficacy of aerial spraying of Aqualauer in a field vs. canopy setting
Amy PatrickPHMPHealth Information Seeking Behaviors and Cancer Causation Beliefs in a High Cancer Burden Catchment Area
Daniel RochaSBSThe Use of Varying Health Messages to Encourage SNAP-Eligible (low-SES) Individuals in the State of Florida to Partake in Physical Activity by Utilizing Free Local Parks
Joseph ShafferEHSeasonal Die-Offs of Cardinalis cardinalis in Florida

2018 Student Abstracts

Aviva Ariel-DongesSBSThe Health Belief Model in Action: A Healthy Lifestyles Program for Female Residents of the Alachua County Work Release Program
Carlyn EllisonSBSPerceptions and Beliefs Associated with the American Red Cross: Social Media Analysis
Christa NancePHPUnderstanding Barriers and Perceptions to Condom Use within the MSM Population
Christa OchoaBIOExamination of Patient Portal Utilization and Association with Clinical Outcomes in a Neurology Patient Population
Jordan KingEHAquatic Indicator Species: Exploring Environmental and Public Health Linkages in South Carolina
Kia FullerEPIThe epidemiology of Isoniazid resistant tuberculosis in cases in Florida
Matthew CitrinPHMPCreating a Comprehensive Standard Equipment Catalog and Sanitation Guide to Improve Disinfection and Sanitation Practices

2017 Student Abstracts

Adam LipfordEPITreatment of Isoniazid-Resistant Tuberculosis: An Analysis of Therapy Length and Culture Conversion in Florida
Andrea LinPHMPAssessing the Need for a Community-Based Asthma Program
Catherine CampbellPHPEffects of Financial and Environmental Factors on Food Desert Residents’ Food Purchasing and Consumption 
Chiung-Wei HuangBIOThe Impact of a Physician-at-Triage on Emergency Department Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction: A Pilot Study
David PriestPHPSocial Needs of Frequent Utilizers of the Emergency Department at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center
Douglas ObogoPHMPEvaluating the Effectiveness of the NICAP MyUFHealth Enrollment Program, and its Implication on Patient Experience
Kelli SelwynSBSLGBT-Inclusive Obstetrics and Nursing Support: The L.I.O.N.S. Project
Lindsay JacksonEHPersons Living with HIV Perspectives of Their Built Environment: Results from a Study of Health and Community
Matthew Von ZimmermanEPIPresenting the need for male specific depression screening tools in primary care
Nicholas TranEHThe Effects of Tobacco Exposure on Taste and Pain Perception in the Mouth: A Review and Prospective Study
Popy ShellSBSAssessing Gaps in Home Visiting Programs That Serve Expecting Mothers and Mothers With Children Under 5 in North Central Florida
Tina TreloarPHPDiagnostic and Screening Methods for Periodontal Disease in Children and Adolescents
Xiangqi KongBIOSeasonal Effects on the Immune System