Pre-Fall 2019 Cohorts

Students who enrolled in the MPH program pre-Fall 2019 will complete an internship with a public health or related agency. The internship is usually completed in a student’s final semester in the program, although it may be started in the penultimate semester with the permission of the faculty advisor.

Within each internship experience, students must complete a special project that demonstrates their ability to define an issue, apply methods appropriate to their concentration, and produce results. The special project serves as the basis for a final written report and either an oral or poster presentation, which is presented on Public Health Day. These final activities of the MPH program are intended to encourage students to understand their projects in the large context of public health as a cross-disciplinary field and in relation to the competencies expected of all MPH graduates.


Internship for students enrolled pre-Fall 2019 consists of PHC 6601: Seminar in Contemporary Public Health and PHC 6946: Internship, for a total of 240-384 hours of experience. Internships must be approved and verified by a Faculty Advisor and the Internship Coordinator.

Special Project

During the internship experience, each student is required to complete a special project, which serves as the basis of a written report and an oral/poster presentation. The special project may be one of several activities undertaken during an internship. Public Health Day is scheduled every semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer) for oral and poster presentations of special projects.