PHC 6941 Applied Practice Experience

What are Applied Practice Experience Hours?

Applied Practice Experience (APE) Hours are made up of Public Health Service Hours (PHS) (50 hours), Internship Hours (150 hours), and experiences offered through the MPH program (some mandatory, some optional). Students in the 48-credit program must log 200 total hours of Applied Practice Experience, while students in the 42-credit program must log 150 total hours of Applied Practice Experience.

Options for Public Health Service Hours are as follows:
  • Experiences gained through a public health service learning course of public health study abroad course
  • Public health service and volunteer activities organized by a student association
  • Individual public health volunteer activities
  • Participation on a Putting Families First team
  • Participation in the Clarion Competition
  • Participation in the Global Health Case Competition
  • In-person attendance at a city or county agency meeting when a public health issue is on the agenda
  • Serving as a board member for a public health agency
  • MPH Program opportunities:
    • Participation in the Interprofessional Learning in Healthcare (required; 10 hours)
    • Participation in Afternoon of Learning (3 hours)
    • Participation in Common Reader book discussion (2 hours)

For more options, you can check the HEB internship list, which includes Gainesville, Florida, and out-of-state opportunities.

Public Health Service Hours are self-tracked by students throughout their time in the program. Students are also responsible for completing a factual report for each experience. Logs and reports will be posted to a student’s e-portfolio and submitted as an assignment in PHC 6941. See the Forms link for both the PHS timelog and PHS factual report templates.

Details of the Applied Practice Experience can be found in the APE Handbook.