PHC 6946 Internship Guidelines

All MPH students are required to complete an internship with a public health or related agency. The MPH Program requires an internship of 5-9 credits which is comprised of 48 ours of internship work per credit hour. A 5-credit internship equates to 240 total contact hours. While every internship involves different goals and activities, all of them provide numerous opportunities for students to enrich and expand on the MPH core and concentration-specific competencies

Internships are usually completed in the student’s final semester in the MPH program. Within each internship experience, students must complete a deliverable for their MPH portfolio that demonstrates their ability to define an issue, apply methods appropriate to their concentration, and produce results. The deliverable will consist of a final written report and either an oral or poster presentation staged on Public Health Day.

These final activities of the MPH program are intended to encourage students to understand their projects in the larger context of public health as a cross-disciplinary field and in relation to the competencies expected of all MPH graduates.

Important Dates

Internship Questionnaire: Submit to the internship coordinator 1-2 semesters before beginning the internship. Specific deadlines are emailed to students. See the Forms page for a copy of the questionnaire.

Internship Project Proposal and Work Plan Due Dates: Internship proposals must be submitted in advance of the semester in which students plan to start internships. Submit to the internship coordinator by the deadlines listed below. See the Forms page for a copy of the Proposal and Plan.

  • Summer 2022 Internship Proposals are due Monday, April 4

Public Health Day: An oral or poster presentation based on the student’s special project is made during a Public Health Day near the end of the student’s final semester in the program. Presentations are made to the faculty, preceptors, fellow students, and family.

  • Spring 2022 Public Health Day is Wednesday, March 30

Other Resources

Internship Special Project Handbook