Public Health Day Archive

Students focus on a wide variety of topics for their special projects. Examples are listed below.

Some titles include links to their abstract.

Fall 2021Jamie MenendezPHPArmy Safety Program and Safety Officer Training
Fall 2021Aidan Telfer-RadzatSBSExtra-Genital Testing of Chlamydia Trachomatis and Neisseria Gonorrhea
Fall 2021Chelsea HarringtonSBSThe Role of Environmental Surveillance in Detecting Polio Emergencies in Africa, 2018-2021
Fall 2021Myles ReaderEPIAnalysis of Impulsivity Characteristics with Marijuana, Opioid, and Dual-use Classifications
Fall 2021Radha HussainPHPImplementation of a Pediatrician Supported Public Health Smoking Cessation Disease Management Program
Fall 2021Stephanie Whatley-HopkinsSBSBallard Center’s Season of Oral Health
Fall 2021Sydney GuthrieSBSReview of Literature on Status of Youth Tobacco and Vaping Prevention in the United States
Fall 2021Andrew ChiangPHPA Proposed Method for Integrating Exposome-Based Machine Learning Predictive Models into a Publicly Accessible Health Risk Assessment Tool
Fall 2021Brianna YoungbloodSBSThe Long-term Impact of Abstinence-only Sex Education Policy on Healthy Relationships
Fall 2021Amber ScottSBSRapid Evaluation of Telehealth Strategies to Address Hypertension
Fall 2021Kaitlyn UhlSBSLong-Term Health Effects of Adverse Child Experiences (ACE’s) in Floridian Residents: An Analytical Review of 2019 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance
Fall 2021Medea BodnerSBSProgram Proposal: Bring It
Fall 2021Crystal Johnson-MannPHPInvestigating Participant Diversity in Weight Management Trials
Fall 2021Madelynn LoveladySBSImproving Health Education Materials Through the Production of Infographics to Improve Health Outcomes for Type II Diabetic Patients with Low Health Literacy
Fall 2021Edward QuinnEPIEffect of a Telephone and Web-based Problem-solving Intervention for Stroke Caregivers on Stroke Survivor Activities of Daily Living: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Fall 2021Kevin Rodriguez-SantosPHPPractice Patterns of Pediatric Dentistry Among General Dentists: A Pilot Study and Assessment of Reliability and Validity of the Survey Instrument
Summer 2021Jordan McBridePHPThe Fight against HIV/AIDS in Ghana
Summer 2021Matthew BowenEHProgram evaluation of Special Monitoring of Applied Response Technologies
Summer 2021Austin GordonSBSInvestigating Institutional Policies and Social Indicators of AOD Involvement Among Florida’s College Student Population
Summer 2021Brianna ScottSBSPerception of Women’s Empowerment Among Livestock Actors in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa: A Qualitative Analysis
Summer 2021Tawnya Michelle VernonSBSMental Health and Youth Athletes: An increased burden or a healthy outlet?
Summer 2021Elysse AndrewsSBSExploring MPH Student Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding Curriculum Preparation for Pandemic-related Jobs
Summer 2021Sarah HansonSBSUsing the Arts to Address Wellbeing in the Community
Summer 2021Harika ReddySBSHealth Literacy and Numeracy and HPV Vaccination Behaviors Among a National U.S. Sample
Summer 2021Jaime BenoitPHPOakland County SARS-CoV-2 Wastewater Project
Summer 2021Jeanasia Fils-aime PierreSBSProgram Development: Social Determinants and Health Status of Migrant Farmworkers
Summer 2021Joseph WashingtonPHPLong COVID: Navigating the Longterm Effects of the COVID-19 Infection
Summer 2021Brent CollinsworthEPIEpidemic of Conspiracy: Examining Misinformation and Conspiracy Theories in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Summer 2021Kelly MakEPICommunity Health Needs Assessment for Vaccine Education in Northeast Florida
Summer 2021Nicole PerezPHPCharacteristics Associated with Exotic Arboviruses Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika Virus in Florida, 2009-2020
Summer 2021Emma HunnifordEPIA Review on Cultural Sensitivity in Child and Infant Developmental Assessments
Summer 2021Paige LysneSBSImpact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Older Adults with Chronic Pain: Implications for Pain Treatment and Management
Summer 2021Erin FergusonEPILongitudinal Associations between Pain and Substance Use Disorder Treatment
Summer 2021Alec SainPHPDecreasing Vaccine Hesitancy and Increasing Vaccine Administration Rates in Tennessee through Pharmacist-Provided Patient Education and Counseling
Summer 2021Ashley BaptistePHPRetrospective Data Analysis: School-Based Sealant Programs in Alachua County Florida
Summer 2021Mollie FelderPHPEnrivonmental Scan of Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives in Pediatric Hospitals
Summer 2021Jacqueline De La CruzSBSSystematic Literature Review of One Health Perspectives on Joint Animal and Health Services in Developing and Rural Regions.
Summer 2021Won Jin KimSBSNarrative Literature Review: What educational interventions have been implemented in middle aged and older adults?
Summer 2021Kristina AskinPHMEvaluation plan for transitioning IRB study intakes to electronic formatting to increase efficiency and participation in UF HealthStreet’s community engagement program
Summer 2021Megan BohanSBSSystemic Oppression in American Public Schools: The Insidious Adverse Childhood Experience Poisoning the Health and Wellbeing of Racial Minority Youth
Summer 2021Dylan FersonSBSSecondary Retrospective Data Analysis of Adverse Childhood Experiences Among Tarpon Springs Residents by Convenience Sampling
Spring 2021Rachael ShawEPIAn Analysis of Comorbidities in COVID-2019 Cases in Counties Located in Florida
Spring 2021Lillian ZemanEPIAn Evaluation of the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan in the United States, with a Special Focus on the Plan Implemented in the State of Florida
Spring 2021Megan JonesSBSAn Exploratory Investigation of Impaired Control as a Predictor of Problem Drinking Outcomes Among a Cross-Sectional Sample of Young Adult, Non-Dependent Drinkers
Spring 2021Catalina DelgadoEPIAn International Comparison of the Efficacy of Contact Tracing to Reduce SARS-CoV-2 Transmission
Spring 2021Alexandra MillerBIOAnalysis of north central Florida’s COVID-19 vaccine response using demographic and socioeconomic indicators
Spring 2021Aaron BadidaPHPAnalyzing FDA Clinical Trial Guidance Documents for Indicators of Diversity: A Coding Study
Spring 2021Rebecca SchallEHAssessing Environmental Needs and Perceptions in Brevard County, Florida
Spring 2021Zo-Yu WuEHAssessing Potential Risk of Co-infections of Schistosoma mansoni and Giardia among school-age children in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA): A review
Spring 2021Tyrus FleetwoodSBSBenefits of Medicaid Expansion for Black & Hispanic Individuals in Lower SES Communities
Spring 2021Isabella AlfonsoSBSBringing Child Life Services to Lima, Peru: International extension of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ funding to translate Child Life Services
Spring 2021Gianna GutierrezPHMBringing Telemedicine to Veterans in Rural Populations of North Florida/South Georgia during COVID-19
Spring 2021Joshua StevensPHPChanges in food safety inspections and outbreak response during the COVID-19 pandemic: preparedness for the future.
Spring 2021Andrew McCabeEPICharacterizing COVID-19 in Lake County Florida; an Empirical Analysis
Spring 2021Abigail FlukeEHClassroom Monitoring Evaluation Program During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Spring 2021Esther OlasojiEPICommunity-Based Response to COVID-19: Talbot House Experience
Spring 2021Shiyuan HuangPHMCorrelation Analysis Between Alcohol Use Disorder and Suicide
Spring 2021Aria HaririPHMCOVID-19 Impact on Food Insecurity Duval County, Florida
Spring 2021Victoria JohnstoneSBSCOVID-19 Response in K-12 Schools in Palm Beach County
Spring 2021Romae MorganSBSCultural Competency Program Development Curriculum for Health Professional Students
Spring 2021Frankie BerardiPHPCurriculum Guide for STI Prevention in Florida High Schools
Spring 2021Brian PhillipsSBSDeveloping a Trauma-Informed Care Training for Non-Clinical Staff Members at a Health Clinic
Spring 2021Amanda LindemanEHDevelopment and Implementation of the COVID-19 Impact Index in an Ambulatory Cancer Facility
Spring 2021Rebecca CampbellSBSDevelopment of Health Communication Toolkit to Address Mental Health Stigma in the African American Community in East Gainesville, FL b
Spring 2021Melanie HechavarriaSBSDistance learning adjustment guide: Navigating higher education in a global health crisis
Spring 2021Vivian BaumanBIOEffect of Work-Related Stressors on Health Behavior Outcomes in Doctoral Students
Spring 2021Regan WagnerEPIEffectiveness of Day 5 and Day 9 COVID-19 Testing for Quarantine Essential Personnel
Spring 2021Antwan BrinsonPHMEnding Racism to End HIV: A Qualitative Study of the Impact of Racism andIntersectional Stigmatizing Identities on Black Adolescents Living with HIV in TampaBay
Spring 2021Amanda CookSBSEnhancing Healthcare’s Worker’s self-care skills
Spring 2021Ethan JetterPHMEstablishing a tracking system for the national Mental Health Environment of Care Checklist (MHEOCC)
Spring 2021Jinhee SoEPIEvaluating the Need for Government Interjection: Section 456.0495, Florida Statutes to Address the High Risk Associated with Out-of-Hospital Births and Births Attended by Midwives
Spring 2021Dana LindsayPHPEvaluation of the Achieve Weight Loss Program at Johnson Memorial Hospital
Spring 2021Karina WilsonSBSExpanding Medicaid in Florida for Uninsured Essential Workers during COVID-19 Pandemic
Spring 2021Eunmi NamkungBIOFactors associated with Burnout, Grit, and Resilience among Graduate Students
Spring 2021Brianna MoonSBSHealth Literacy Curriculum for Future Health Professionals
Spring 2021Morgan PalmerSBSHospital Keyboard Contamination and Disinfection: Efficacy Assessment of Typical Hospital Cleaners Using Common Hospital Acquired Organisms
Spring 2021Brianna FergusonEHImplications of PFAS on Reproductive Health: A Review of Racial Disparities in Body. Burden
Spring 2021Patrick GuyerPHMImproving Response Times to Bed Alarms on Unit 74 Via Strategic Placement of Nursing Staff
Spring 2021Amelia HorineSBSIncreasing Cultural Competence of Healthcare Providers to Reduce Barriers of Accessing LGBTQ Inclusive Healthcare in the United States
Spring 2021Karina Omega (Hex)PHPInvestigating the differences between factors contributing to COVID-19-related Distress among adults grouped by employment status around the world using the CDC Social-Ecological Model
Spring 2021Irvine TessierSBSMaternal Health Beyond Childbirth: A curriculum on Postpartum Care for Mothers in Haiti
Spring 2021Courtney FreemanSBSNorth Carolina Functional Assessment Support Teams (FAST) Program Evaluation
Spring 2021Shalini NairEPIPandemic Politics: Assessing the Response to COVID-19 in the United State
Spring 2021Xin QianEPIPrevalence of Depression Associated with Working hours: a cross-sectional study using 2017-2018 NHANES Data
Spring 2021Jae'Lyn GilbertPHMProgram Evaluation for UF Health Screen, Test, and Protect Quality Assurance Initiative
Spring 2021Jessie PonderSBSProgram Evaluation of the Lake County Department of Health’s Novel Coronavirus Disease Investigation Program
Spring 2021Maria DavenportSBSProposal to Increase Minority Enrollment to Clinical Trials at the University of Virginia Cancer Center 
Spring 2021Sneha SathishEPIReducing the Spread of COVID-19 in High Risk Groups: A Program Evaluation
Spring 2021Minor CushionSBSSocial-Media-Based Platforms and Type-2 Diabetes Prevention Among Youth: A Scoping Review
Spring 2021Jeffrey HayduEPISpread of COVID-19 in University housing environments and its impact on future outbreaks
Spring 2021Robyn LeeEHStandard Operating Procedure: Infectious disease controlfor St. Francis Pet Care Centerduring the COVID-19 pandemic
Spring 2021Christopher DonnellyEPISummary & Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution in Seminole County Florida
Spring 2021Annellie MillerPHPSurface contamination in common areas measured using surface ATP bioluminescence testing following reintroduction of clients and students to a veterinary teaching hospital during a pandemic
Spring 2021Monica SamitPHMThe Health Costs of Harmful Algal Blooms
Spring 2021Bianca MaciasSBSTHRIVE: Text-based Health Resource Intervention for Virtual EmpowermentDesigning a Mobile Phone Mental Health Campaign
Spring 2021Jonathan NarvaezEPIUF Health Screen, Test & Protect Sentinel Surveillance Survey
Spring 2021Dalton DessiPHMUF Screen, Test, & Protect: Evaluation of a Quality Assurance Program for COVID-19 contact tracers
Spring 2021Sunghee (Cindy) MinPHPZoonotic Potential of SARS-CoV-2: Scoping Approach
Spring 2021Valentina FandinoSBSGrant Program Proposal for Improving Refugee Maternal Health Outcomes
Spring 2021Andrea FidlerBIOInsomnia Among Community Members in Florida: Relationships with Demographics, Health Conditions, and Social Support
Spring 2021Lauren MayPHPChanges in Food Safety Inspections & Outbreak Response for During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Preparedness for the Future
Spring 2021Leili MoradiSBSPilot Mental Health Communication Program for Undergraduate Students at the University of Florida
Fall 2020Abigail GoerkSBSBest Practices and Trends in Global HIV/AIDS Care: Countries in East & South Africa
Fall 2020Aimee TauscherPHPImproving Early Isolation Compliance in the Emergency Department
Fall 2020Alissa ToddPHPStrategies Used by Community Engagement Organizations to Continue Interacting with the Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Fall 2020Julie GibsonPHPVoteHealth 2020: Intervention to Enhance the Intent to Vote Using the CDC Social-Ecological Model
Fall 2020Mai TanakaEPIImpacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on Cancer Care
Fall 2020Martin ShawSBSClergy Wholeness Study
Fall 2020Myrsha ChowSBSAccessing Mental Health Services During COVID-19
Fall 2020Yumiko NakamuraPHPMedical School Exam Performance: Disparities Across Race, Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Status at the University of Florida College of Medicine
Fall 2020Yvon YeoPHPOpioid Epidemic in the United States: Harm Reduction Strategies and the Role of Naloxone
Summer 2020Adrienne Brundage/ShawPHPDoes Living Near Wastewater Treatment Plants contribute to Chronic Illness and Conditions among Community Members?
Summer 2020Carly CrumpEPIAnalysis of Medical Marijuana Physician Clinical Decision Making in Florida
Summer 2020Faizel OuedraogoPHPPopulations at risk for cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes: Evolution of the demographic profile in Suburban Hospital's community benefit service area from 2013 to 2016
Summer 2020Gabriella LiwanagSBSCohousing Case Study: Gainesville Cohousing Community, Health and Social Wellbeing, and COVID-19
Summer 2020Gina AulisioSBSAssessment of Emotional Health Among Adults with Type 1 Diabetes
Summer 2020Huda KhokharSBSWebsite for Orlando Infectious Diseases
Summer 2020Ian NoraPHPDevelopment of a Cancer Patient Handbook
Summer 2020Isis EscandonEPITaking Precautions: Preventing Catheter-Association Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs) in the Neuro ICU
Summer 2020Jake DoolingEHAssessing International Student Vulnerability to Hurricane Hazards
Summer 2020Jaquelyn NagyEPIInvestigating the Efficacy of Rapid Diagnostic Tests and RT-PCR Assay for Detection of Malaria in Haiti
Summer 2020Jenny ColemanEHRegulatory and Enforcement Input to Address Theft and Vandalism Issues in Commercial Shellfish Production in Florida
Summer 2020John RoufaielPHPA New York State Medical Practice Reopening Safety Plan and Patient Communication Campaign During the Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic
Summer 2020Jorge Mendieta CallePHPDeveloping an Infection Control Protocol in Primary Veterinary Care at St. Francis Pet Care in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Summer 2020Laken JeffersonSchool Nurses and Chronic Absenteeism in Mississippi School Districts
Summer 2020Lina BabikerEPIExamining the Relationship between Sanitation and Soil-Transmitted Helminth Infections among Children in Peri-Urban Maputo, Mozambique
Summer 2020Madeline SteckEPISpatiotemporal analyses of Aedes atlanticus and Aedes infirmatus in association with arbovirus transmission within St. Johns County, Florida
Summer 2020Marion White-SpencerPHPResource Package for Visiting Nurse Services of NY Community Mental Health Staff
Summer 2020Molly HermanSBSChildbirth Self-Efficacy Development via Interactive Health Literacy Interventions in Rural Northeast Nebraska.
Summer 2020Ryan RomeroSBSIdentifying and Synthesizing Information for Wellness Program Components to Engage Families and Workplaces
Summer 2020Shanna BreilSBSStreetlight Program Evaluation: Contextualizing Program Practices During COVID-19
Summer 2020Sydney LittlePHPDeveloping and Assessing a Health Literacy Program for Employee Wellness
Summer 2020Valerie ChristiePHPAdverse Childhood Experiences
Summer 2020Vasanti SharmaSBSSleep safe practices of Broward county, Florida
Summer 2020Zachary SandovalPHMPProspective Analysis of Potential Medicare Telehealth Expansion due to COVID-19
Spring 2020Mingyue LiBIOendothelial function during pregnancy
Spring 2020Daniela Zuniga CarlierEHAdvancing women’s participation in Livestock Vaccine Value Chain
Spring 2020Johanna HernandezEPIC diff
Spring 2020Scott CohenEPIThe DataStory: A Narrative-Driven Approach to Teach Data Science, Statistics, and Programming Concepts in Public Health and Clinical-Translational Science Settings
Spring 2020Adeyemi OshodiEPIhe Associations Between Health Disparities and the Discordance in Self-Reported Ability to Walk 400 Meters
Spring 2020Afton NourzadEPINucleic acid amplification tests for TB
Spring 2020Alexis GuttenbergEPIDrug resistant TB
Spring 2020Demetra PantelisEPIExamining Electronic Cigarette Use
Spring 2020Ann St CyrEPIOpioid Use Disorder Amongst Pregnant Women
Spring 2020Charlee FordEPIHAI and antimicrobial resistance
Spring 2020Jemma ThompsonEPIIdentifying Barriers to NewboRN Home Visiting Program Participation
Spring 2020Lara SaikalyEPIHealthy Start Needs Assessment
Spring 2020Sadok Amine Ben HassinePHMPHospital Acquired Pneumonia Prevention
Spring 2020Andrew CistolaPHMPEvaluating the Use of Mid-Level Clinicians for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Case Management in a Safety Net Setting
Spring 2020Kathleen AllenSBSHuman Trafficking
Spring 2020Isabelle WandenkolkSBSA Pilot Study to Assess Personal PM2.5 Exposure and Respiratory Virus Infections
Spring 2020Ashley DeshommesPHMPBecoming a Breastfeeding Friendly Facility
Spring 2020Allison PhillipsPHMPProgram workshops about healthy aging
Spring 2020Alejandra SalemiSBSOpioids
Spring 2020Brittany BaileySBSMental Health Concerns and Utilization of University-Affiliated Services Among Psychology Graduate Students at the University of Florida
Spring 2020Jada JolleySBSHIV in the south
Spring 2020Aelin SheaSBSHealth Literacy and Communication Among Lung Disease Community
Spring 2020Scout FarrowEPIOpioids
Spring 2020Sarah RipepiPHPRabies in Tanzania
Spring 2020Geraldine WeinsteinPHPIntegration of Oral Health Screenings into Primary Care
Spring 2020Laura HowardSBSChildhood obesity
Spring 2020Anneke WenzelSBShand hygiene policy and procedures
Spring 2020Mary LandauSBSHep A
Spring 2020Trevor CoenSBSThe Full Circle of Health: A Quality Improvement Study
Spring 2020Courtney WeeksSBSpatient satisfaction surveys
Spring 2020Ran MoBIODiversity in Livestock Ownership
Spring 2020Dung LeBIORacial/Ethnic Differences in Mental Health Stigma and Service Utilization among Graduate Students at the University of Florida
Spring 2020Xiaotong WangBIOFactors Impact STEM Graduate Students' Satisfaction Level with University
Spring 2020Sylvia HadisEHInvestigating the Relationship Between Potential Environmental Factors and Outcomes of Scooter/Skateboarding or Concussion Injuries Across Campus to Inform School Policy
Spring 2020Morgan IngramEHCommunity Paramedicine in Baker County, Florida
Spring 2020Megan KirkpatrickEHShould Environmental Health Support Cohousing? A Case Study of Sustainability Practices in Gainesville Cohousing
Spring 2020Kaeli FlanneryEPISocio-political Determinants of Latina Immigrant Health: A Participatory Assessment of Access to Health-protective Resources in North Central Florida
Spring 2020Katlyn MontalbanoEPIMental and Emotional Health as Predictors for Sexually Transmitted Infections in Women
Spring 2020Kayvon YazdanbakhshEPICommunity Paramedicine: Evaluating Public Health Concerns Through Community-Engaged Research in the Melrose Fire/Rescue Service
Spring 2020Amy VickersEPIAccess to Veterinary Care in Alachua County, Florida
Spring 2020Nicholas KowalkowskiEPIA Retrospective Review on Leukocyte Esterase Concentrations and Culture Reflext for Determining Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections
Spring 2020Kallen ShawEPIA Data-Informed Approach to Access and Vaccination in Alachua County
Spring 2020Deja McPheeEPIA Retrospective Study Assessing the Demographic and Geographic Distributions of Health Diagnosis in a Student-Run Free Clinic Network, 2012-2015
Spring 2020Patricia ZielinskiEPICommunity Engagement in Research
Spring 2020Papa HoyeckEPIAdvancing Women's Participation in Livestock Vaccine Value Chains in Kaffrine, Senegal
Spring 2020Courtney EgglestonPHMP2020 UF Health Shands AHRQ Survey on Patient Safety Culture
Spring 2020Taylor KoontzEPIThe Effects of a School Garden to Cafeteria Program on Nutritional/Healthy Eating Habits and Interest Among Elementary Schoolers in Pinellas County
Spring 2020Brittany HenrySBSAssessing the Need for Inclusive LGBTQ+ Care at the University of Florida Mobile Outreach Clinic
Spring 2020Morgan SheerSBSMental Health and Wellness of UF Health Psychiatric Hospital Employees
Spring 2020Elizabeth AmorosSBSRacial/Ethnic Differences on Problem-Solving Skills Among Stroke Caregivers of Veterans
Spring 2020Michell PirapakaranSBSUnderstanding the Value and Practice of Self-Care Using Instagram: A Social Meida Content Analysis
Spring 2020Kelly LikosSBSContraception Education Pages for Patient Empowerment
Spring 2020Agape AssefaSBSThe Resilient Gators Program for University of Florida Campus Community Members
Fall 2019Brent MoorePHPAssessing the effectiveness of outreach programs to high risk populations during the Hepatitis A outbreak in Citrus County, FL
Fall 2019Rae JohnsonSBSOklahoma Health Department Employee Wellness Project
Fall 2019Amanda OjedaSBSAddressing the Mental Health Challenge at UF: Understanding the stressors that impact STEM graduate students
Fall 2019Tara DavisPHPAn Evaluation of the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program: Preventing Antimicrobial Resistance
Fall 2019Savanah MuellerSBSResilience in Prisons
Fall 2019Miranda PersaudSBSIntervention to Enhance Patients’ Adherence to Appointments and Screenings Through Increased Patient Contact and Education in a Primary Care Setting
Fall 2019Lauren PopeckPHPImpact of a Dietitian in a Primary Care Office Providing Intensive Behavior Therapy Along with Support Groups
Fall 2019Janet LopezEPIDoes the Relationship Between Stroke Survivors’ Activities of Daily Living and Caregiver Depressive Symptoms between Non-Hispanic White and Racial and Ethnic Minority?
Fall 2019Erica Tramuta-DrobnisPHPVector-Borne Disease Risk and Prevention Strategies for Allentown, Pennsylvania
Fall 2019Andrew BorrelliEPIImproving OR to ICU Handoffs
Fall 2019Lyndsay TylerSBSFaculty and Student Perceptions of Sexual Health Education: A Needs Assessment of a Consortium of Genesee County School Districts
Fall 2019Colton DollPHPCat Induced Emergency admittance from January 2016-June 20018
Fall 2019Alexandra GoodmanPHPAnimal Rabies in Florida, 1984 - 2018
Fall 2019Megan McCarthyPHPThe Impact of Swimming Lessons in a Rural County
Fall 2019Somir ShriemSBSDietetic Preceptor Training Informational Study
Summer 2019Casey ParkerPHPEngaging the Community in Vector Control: A Pilot Education Campaign in San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Summer 2019Abdulaziz HakeemPHPThe Role of Dental Professionals in Managing HPV Infection and Oral Cancer
Summer 2019Tejas PatelPHPIdentification of Barriers and Linkage to Care of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)-Infected Persons
Summer 2019Amanda LaPortePHPAccess and Barriers to Oral Health Care in Pregnancy
Summer 2019Xavier WilliamsPHPSelf-Identified Factors Effecting First-Time Fathers in Assuming the Paternal Role
Summer 2019Jonathan ChatfieldPHPBreast & Body Health: Strategic Plan Development
Summer 2019Morgan GatesEPITest & Go Effectiveness: Analysis of Two Sexual Health Clinics in Thomas Jefferson Health District, Virginia
Summer 2019Rebecca Austin-DattaEHAssessing the effectiveness of a new, in-person UF CTSI Training Course: “Accessing Environmental Health Databases"
Summer 2019Jenna DanielEPIDevelopment of a community-based birth registry for use in rural Ethiopia
Summer 2019Cirilo LoraEHResidual Transfluthrin as a Spatial Repellant to Control Mosquito Vectors of Disease
Summer 2019Linda HansenPHPChildren's Environmental Health Assessment in DuPage County
Summer 2019Husssain AlqhtaniBIOPost-Myocardial Infarction Depression (PMD) among privately insured persons in the US, Evidence from 2005-2015 data
Summer 2019Aurelie PohlPHPChronic Sequelae of Foodborne Parasitic Gastroenteritis: A Systematic Review
Summer 2019Sarah NguyentranEHIntegrated Vector Management in Caguas City, Puerto Rico: A Post-Intervention Outcome Evaluation by Mosquito Abundance
Summer 2019Victoria BrasePHPAddressing vaccine hesitancy effectively during a brief office visit
Summer 2019Jeff SatineSBSAssessing the Livability Needs of Older Adults in Alachua County
Summer 2019Yewande AddieSBSPerceptions of Care & Patient-Provider Communication by Varying Identity Group Patients Seen at UF’s Student Health Care Center
Summer 2019Sarah BruscaSBSBaby Steps: Connecting the Social Determinants of Health to Infant Milestones
Summer 2019Fizza ImranPHMPPhysical and Emotional Health Impacts of Electronic Gaming: Harassment within the collegiate gaming population
Summer 2019Gracelyn KlettnerSBSEvaluating Current Dog Bite Awareness and Knowledge in Alachua County, Florida: A Comprehensive Questionnaire
Summer 2019Deirdre LoveEPIThe efficacy of aerial spraying of Aqualauer in a field vs. canopy setting
Summer 2019Amy PatrickEPIHealth Information Seeking Behaviors and Cancer Causation Beliefs in a High Cancer Burden Catchment Area
Summer 2019Daniel RochaSBSThe Use of Varying Health Messages to Encourage SNAP-Eligible (low-SES) Individuals In The State of Florida to Partake in Physical Activity by Utilizing Free Local Parks
Summer 2019Joseph ShafferEHSeasonal Die-Offs of Cardinalis cardinalis in Florida
Spring 2019Dawit RumichaSBSAssessment of Attitudes & Health Behaviors of Rural Health Program Participants
Spring 2019Young KimSBSThe e-cigarettes (vaping) problem among adolescents: Designing an intervention utilizing the social ecological model
Spring 2019Maria GutierrezSBSReinventing the (Helmet Safety) Wheel: A Multidisciplinary Quality Improvement Project at the University of Florida
Spring 2019Leeashaa RamoutarEPIA Worksite Wellness Intervention for Obesity and Weight Management on the Spangdahlem U.S. Air Force Base
Spring 2019Amanda SappBIOImproving Nutrition in Children Under Two Through Increased Egg Nutrition in Burkina Faso, a Statistical Analysis
Spring 2019Darian TravisPHPWeCare 2 Program Evaluation at the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi
Spring 2019Cary LoveSBSConnecting Youth in Norfolk: Building Bridges to Improved Outcomes for Youth at Risk of Aging Out of Foster Care
Spring 2019Benjamin BorgertEPIExamining the Efficacy of Treatment for Substance Use Disorders on Depression, Anxiety, and Drug/Alcohol Abstinence Self-Efficacy in Patients with Adverse Childhood Experiences
Spring 2019Omari RichinsPHMPThe Opioid Epidemic in Marion County
Spring 2019Taylor WitkowskiSBSReducing Disparities in Obesity and Related Chronic Disease Burdens: An Evaluation of Physical Activity and Nutrition Programs in Rural Communities in Florida
Spring 2019Mary CampbellSBSInterpersonal Violence Prevention Program Development and Evaluation
Spring 2019Monica Van DoraSBSPacific Monitoring Alliance for Non-communicable Disease (MANA) Dashboard for Tonga
Spring 2019Michael KramerPHMPPatient portal activation and healthcare resource use
Spring 2019Cleon HendricksPHPSpatial and Temporal Incidence of Brucella canis in the state of Kentucky: A retrospective study
Spring 2019Meagan SullivanSBSCognitive/Emotional vs. Motor/Functional Deficits Following Stroke: Impact on Caregiver Depression and Burden
Spring 2019Cynthia MillerPHPUtilizing Design Thinking To Improve Outcomes in Diabetes
Spring 2019Benjamin CaoiliEHSafety Never Stops: A Needs Assessment for the City of Palm Coast's Safety Program
Spring 2019Jennifer CannonPHPInclusive Public Health Emergency Planning: Addressing Access and Functional Community Needs in Kitsap County, Washington
Spring 2019Katherine SetumPHPIntegrating Social Services with Healthcare for High-Risk Patients: A Literature Review
Spring 2019Ashley JohnsonPHPContent Analysis of a Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Virtual Support Group
Spring 2019Samari BlairSBSAssessing the Perceptions of Text-Based Psychotherapy among Graduate Students at the University of Florida
Spring 2019Lynn ThompsonPHPThe Opioid Epidemic and HIV
Spring 2019Curtis WarrenEPIPrevention of CAUTI with Utilization of an External Urinary Catheter VS an Indwelling Urinary Catheter in Females
Spring 2019Laura BradshawSBSAnalysis of Diabetes and Obesity Programs in the Municipality of Providencia´s Medical Centers - Recommendations for Improvements
Spring 2019Nicole CruzSBSDeveloping a Financial Wellness Program for GatorWell Health Promotion Services
Spring 2019Kevin NortonPHMPLet Food Be Thy Medicine – Expanding Menus of Change at University of California – San Diego
Spring 2019Jacob WainwrightEPIThe Socioeconomic, Behavioral and Clinical Characteristics of Persons with HIV who also Experience Homelessness
Spring 2019Krystal LoweSBSPerceptions and Awareness of Opioids on Twitter
Spring 2019Alyssa BergerEPIA focus group study to assess student gender differences among perceived risk in developing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
Spring 2019Dania SaleemSBSAssessing Outcomes of Patients Undergoing Cesarean Section at UF Health for Concerns of Placenta Previa and Accreta
Spring 2019Shuzheng LiBIOImproving nutrition in children under two through increased egg consumption in Burkina Faso
Spring 2019Harrison BrandesPHMPRetrospective Evaluation of Head Start Dental Prevention Program
Spring 2019Maria BolanosSBSIdentifying best practices and barriers of public health programs targeting gun violence as a public health issue
Spring 2019Eliza GordonSBSOutcome Evaluation of a Medically Supervised Dietary Detoxification Program for Adults in North Florida
Spring 2019Kathryn NoviskiSBSAn evaluation of social media and website resources concerning foodborne illness reporting for the Florida State Department of Health
Spring 2019Zachary MannesEPIThe Prevalence and Risk Factors of Moderate-Severe Depressive Symptoms among Retired National Football League (NFL) Athletes: The Importance of Integrating Psychological Screening, Feedback, and Referral to Intervention in Observational Studies
Spring 2019Brandon ThomasPHMPImpact of a Concierge Wayfinding Service on Perceived Stress During Navigation of the UF Health Complex
Spring 2019Andrew ManhanEPIBaseline Sharing Behaviors of IDEA Exchange Participants
Spring 2019Kevin KeyesBIOOpioid Use Among Head and Neck Cancer Patients
Spring 2019Shubhekchya MallaEPIInitiatives to Create Violence-Free Community and Rebuilding with Survivors through Intimate Partner Violence Enhanced Prevention Program and Supportive Group Counseling
Spring 2019Yuan LiEPIThe Barriers Of Linking Heterogeneous Biomedical and Ecological Databases In Precision Public Health Research
Spring 2019Zamyrah CruzSBSIdentifying the Variables Related to Veteran Satisfaction within the VA Emergency Department
Spring 2019Amber MillerEPIA Review Study Investigating Heart Failure and Obesity: Combining Bariatric Surgery and Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation
Spring 2019Nirali PatelEPIPrevalence of dental caries and treatment needs among 3rd grade school children in Collier County, FL
Spring 2019Alan  AlonsoEPIUncontrolled Hypertension and its prevalence in the Hispanic population of a bi-lingual medical clinic in Texas A cross-sectional study
Spring 2019Maria  MoncayoEHEvaluation of the Naval Hospital Pensacola Mosquito Surveillance Program
Spring 2019Nicole CastroEPIEpidemiologic Description of Antibiotic-Resistance Isolates Tested Under the Health Care Associated Infections Program Orange County, Florida 2017-2018 year to date
Spring 2019Sydney FullerEPIPrimary Hyperparathyroidism in Pregnancy: A Look at the Implications of Misdiagnosis
Spring 2019Alexis PattonSBSPromoting quality of care in patients: Evaluating and implementing a standardized classification system in an orthopedic practice
Spring 2019Chloe LloydEHRemoval of glyphosate from stormwater systems via media adsorbents
Spring 2019Molly FalconeEHCommunity audit analysis of Gift of Water, a major household water treatment program in Haiti
Spring 2019Christopher BlancoEPIImproving Transportation Efficiency Within the Gainesville Fire Rescue Community Resource Paramedics Program
Spring 2019Carolina NodarseEPIConducting Focus Groups to Identify Items for a Hazardous Drinking Item Bank
Spring 2019Aater QureshiEPIMultidisciplinary Rounds - Impacts of Physician Rounding
Spring 2019Daniel Oyola-GuzmanEPIAn Analysis and Review of a Hepatitis A Outbreak in Seminole County, FL
Spring 2019Pamela SanchezEPIThe Distribution of baseline characteristics and availability of mammograms/clinical data in a pilot screening cohort
Fall 2018Claudia JacksonSBSLet's Walk Florida: Developing an Ideal Nutrition and Physical Activity Program
Fall 2018Sherilyn RigbySBS2018 National Lead Poisoning Prevention Policy Review
Fall 2018Priscilla BuahinPHPA Retrospective Record Review of the Common-sense Patient Navigation Approach Application for Colon Cancer Fecal Occult Blood Test Screening at Kentucky CancerLink
Fall 2018Charnae JonesEPIIntimate Partner Violence and Depression Among MIECHV Sample in Florida.
Fall 2018Rebecca SlimakSBSPromoting Healthy Children: Parent Survey on the Health of School-aged Children
Fall 2018Giselle NavarroPHMPFinancial Burden Impacting Cancer Patients in Catchment Area
Fall 2018Soon Ju SongPHMPThe Association between Neighborhood Disadvantages and Hospital Emergency Department Visits with Non-traumatic Dental Conditions in Florida
Fall 2018Shamiel NelsonSBSTriangulation of the IDEA Exchange Handbook via Semi-Structured Focus Groups
Summer 2018Jeremy GiffordPHPThe Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence in Environmental Health: Assessment of the Environmental Health, Safety, and Access to Resources within two Census-Driven Places of Columbia County, Florida
Summer 2018Michelle SmithPHPAn evaluation of the relationship among hypertension, body mass index, and physical activity in African American adult patients at the center for multicultural wellness and prevention
Summer 2018Dorothy MwachiroPHMPOptimizing Post-Discharge Follow-up Telephone Calls to Reduce Re-admissions in Neurosurgery Service: A Quality Improvement Initiative
Summer 2018Melissa GuzmanPHPApplications and Educational Opportunities in Water Source Awareness: Wimberly, Texas and the Texas Hill Country
Summer 2018Shani IsaacPHPTackling the Opioid Epidemic
Summer 2018Michelle PagnottaSBSDeveloping a Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative Plan for UHC Insurance Company
Summer 2018Tsehaye ZemenfesPHPProgram Evaluation of the Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) at Alamo Navajo Health Center (ANHC)
Summer 2018Gradyne DearbornPHPBloodborne Pathogen (BBP) exposure related to underreporting of Needlestick Injury (NSI) in Healthcare workers (HCWs) at Mike O'Callaghan Military Medical Center
Summer 2018Megan AllenEPIAntimicrobial Stewardship: Understanding the Effect of a Fluoroquinolone Reduction Initiative on Hospital-Acquired Pseudomonas in an Academic Medical Center ICU in Florida
Summer 2018Samantha BodnerSBSAssessment and documentation of distress in hematology-oncology veteran patients: A mixed-methods study
Summer 2018Shazia FerdousEPIAnalyzing Compliance with Colorectal Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Prevention Bundle at an Academic Medical Center
Summer 2018Molly GaspariniPHPPrevalence of Microbial Zoonoses in Companion Animals of Central Florida
Summer 2018Cheyenne LambertBIOHarmful Algae Blooms in Florida
Summer 2018Olga LuacesPHPKnowledge and Perceptions of Dental Students Regarding Silver Diamine Fluoride​
Summer 2018Katie PricePHPSeroprevalence of Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus Neutralizing Antibodies in Free-Ranging White-tailed Deer of Florida
Spring 2018Shaylona KirkPHPTaking a Stand Against Diabetes in a Military Population: Pilot Diabetes Prevention Program at Patrick Air Force Base
Spring 2018Jazmine QuintanaSBSImproving Cost-Effective Mental Health Care Access and Provider Awareness in a Mobile Clinic: Implications of the Stepped Behavioral Care Model
Spring 2018Sarah RankinPHPProximity to Unconventional Natural Gas Wells and Reported Health Symptoms among Southwestern Pennsylvania Residents
Spring 2018Mealinda KooryPHPPrimary School Interventions for Improved Nutrition and Behavior
Spring 2018Matthew CitrinPHMPCreating a Comprehensive Standard Equipment Catalog and Sanitation Guide to Improve Disinfection and Sanitation Practices
Spring 2018Christa NancePHPUnderstanding Barriers and Perceptions to Condom Use within the MSM Population
Spring 2018Brandace StoneSBSBuilding Resilience in Individuals and Communities for Public Health: The Development of the First Graduate-Level Resilience Course in the Country
Spring 2018Darian McDanielPHMPDevelopment of a Coordinated Intake and Referral System: Healthy Start Home Visiting Organization of Care
Spring 2018Jessica GreenPHPIdentifying Engagement Opportunities and Implementing Personalized Support to Improve Patient Satisfaction, Improve Clinical Outcomes, and Reduce Employer Healthcare Costs
Spring 2018Hannah FulmerPHMPPerioperative Optimization-Pre-operative Phase : A Pilot Program for Elective Spine Surgery Patients at UF Health
Spring 2018Kevin ReevesPHPAssessment of Provider Adherence to Best Practices for Reaching Key Populations with HIV testing services in the Eastern Caribbean
Spring 2018Ricardo MartinezEHEnvironmental Assessment of Operating Room (OR) Surfaces to Evaluate Efficacy of Night Shift Terminal Disinfection and Case Turnover Disinfection in an Acute Care Hospital: A Pre/Post-Implementation Study
Spring 2018Bangning ZhangEHArsenic contamination in drinking water and its potential source in North-Central, Florida. An overview of public health awareness issue among rural area in North-Central Florida
Spring 2018Kara CossisPHPDevelopment and Critique of an Educational Program for Testicular Cancer Prevention and Teaching
Spring 2018Karah MechlowitzSBSIs Malnutrition Predictive of School Performance in Adolescents in Ethiopia?
Spring 2018Aviva Ariel-DongesSBSThe Health Belief Model in Action: A Healthy Lifestyles Program for Female Residents of the Alachua County Work Release Program
Spring 2018Erika Stapp-KamotaniPHPTeaching Food Service Establishment Managers on the Incorporation of Active Managerial Control Practices
Spring 2018Kia FullerEPIThe Epidemiology of Isoniazid resistant Tuberculosis in Cases in Florida
Spring 2018Yosra HagagEPIThe association between Obesity and Asthma among Adult Community Members
Spring 2018Maria AguirreSBSAssessment of Verbal and Nonverbal Dental Student-Actor Interactions during Standardized Patient Interviews and Post-Interview Feedback
Spring 2018Janelle AlongiPHMPEvaluation of Patient Satisfaction through the Development and Assessment of a Patient-Focused Specialty Specific Department Welcome Letter
Spring 2018Ahmed AlotaibiEHAnalyzing Lawn Management Practices and End User Behaviors to Support Water Conservation in Alachua County, FL
Spring 2018Shawna AminiEHThe effects of smoking on neurocognitive functioning and viral suppression among people living with HIV
Spring 2018Harrison BrownPHMPUsing a Healthcare Provider Survey as a Community Health Assessment Tool: A Quality Improvement Project at the Florida Department of Health- Sarasota County
Spring 2018Beatrice DorestilEPIComparing TB rates among Haitian-Born and Non-Haitian born Residents Before and After the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti
Spring 2018Ashley DwarkaPHMPQuality Improvement Evaluation Plan to Improve Cardiovascular Disease Risk Management for Women Veterans at the Malcom Randall VA Medical Center
Spring 2018Carlyn EllisonSBSPerceptions and Beliefs Associated with the American Red Cross: Social Media Analysis
Spring 2018Hui HuangBIOAssociation between Physical Activity and Major Mobility Disability in Older Adults
Spring 2018Katherine HuberEPIAssessing Awareness of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) in HIV-positive Individuals to Determine Future Targets for Education and Health Campaigns
Spring 2018Alexis JenningsSBSFocus Groups to Qualitatively Analyze How Race Impacts the Patient Preference of Integrative Health Among Cancer Patients
Spring 2018Jordan KingEHAquatic Indicator Species: Exploring Environmental and Public Health Linkages in South Carolina
Spring 2018Emily KlannEPIEvaluating clinical and radiologic differences in Tuberculosis (TB) and Nontuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM) infections in an Academic Medical Center in Florida
Spring 2018Richard LainezPHMPFaith in Healthy Living
Spring 2018Xinran LiuBIODescriptive Statistical Analysis and Correlations between Skin Cancer and Skin-related Variables among Transplant Patients
Spring 2018Ryan McGuirePHMPKnocking down doors and barriers: Evaluating the effectiveness of Community Health Workers on clinic utilization and patient satisfaction
Spring 2018Yara MohamedPHPThe association between Obesity and Asthma among Adult Community Members
Spring 2018Allison MyersSBSPerceptions of Medical Marijuana Usage For People in Florida as Seen Through Social Media
Spring 2018Noor NadhimEPIThe association between high-risk medications and frequent emergency department visits among older community members
Spring 2018Yuxin NiEHGIS-based Analysis of Accessibility to Veteran Affairs Acute-Stroke Care
Spring 2018Christa OchoaBIOExamination of Patient Portal Utilization and Association with Clinical Outcomes in a Neurology Patient Population
Spring 2018Somaya OmerPHPComparative Analysis of the Risk of Adverse Cardiac Events in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Radiotherapy
Spring 2018Lindsey RechciglEPICharacteristics of Patients Who Were Lost to Follow-Up with LTBI Treatment
Spring 2018Veronica RichardsEPIAssessment of current MRSA screening protocols and outcomes at an Academic Medical Center
Spring 2018Patrick RizkEPIHealth Awareness Campaign for Prostate Cancer Risk Factors in Seminole County
Spring 2018Joseph SachtSBSBarriers to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Compliance among Healthcare Workers at UF Health
Spring 2018Franseine ScarlettPHPThe Reach of Brazen: Is Marion County’s Sexual Risk Avoidance Program ready for Evidence-based Status?
Spring 2018Yong ShenPHMPPrecision Public Health: Analytical Workflow for Systematic Management of Chronic Disease
Spring 2018Yitang SunBIORisk Factors for Non-Adherence to Tuberculosis Disease Therapy among Individuals
Spring 2018John VannEHEnvironmental Factors in Pediatric Pulmonary Care: A Needs Assessment and Development of Educational Materials for Families
Spring 2018Bryn WalshSBSThe Power of Pause
Spring 2018Nichole ZarkowskiEHThe Association and Frequency of Food Inspection Violations Within Food Service Establishments
Spring 2018Yi ZhengBIOBenzalkonium Chloride in Continuous Albuterol Formulation Increases Duration of Nebulization among Patients with Asthma
Fall 2017Lauren HintenlangSBSGeospatial Tool Development for Targeted Community Health Outreach
Fall 2017Andrea LinPHMPAssessing the Need for a Community-based Asthma Program
Fall 2017Christopher GallucciSBSArbovirus Surveillance: West Nile Virus in Texas
Fall 2017Rania GollaknerPHPInvestigating the Relationship between the Influenza Vaccine and Type 1 Diabetes
Fall 2017Popy ShellSBSAssessing Gaps in Home Visiting Programs That Serve Expecting Mothers and Mothers with Children Under 5 in North Central Florida
Fall 2017Melina TaurozziPHPUnderstanding the determinants of teenage pregnancies in Nicaragua
Fall 2017Adam HowardPHPImproving Targeted Messaging & Marketing for the Delaware General Health District
Fall 2017Erik BlackPHPThe Relationship Between Hospitalization and Well Child Visits During the First Fifteen Months of Life Among Members of a Medicaid Managed Care Provider for Children with Special Healthcare Needs
Fall 2017Christopher HillPHPA Survey of State Public Health Veterinarians: Who They Are and Why We Should Care
Fall 2017Marija VenskauskaiteEPIDescriptive Analysis of Hepatitis A Cases in Broward County
Fall 2017Nicholas TranEHThe Effects of Tobacco Exposure on Taste and Pain Perception in the Mouth: A Review and Prospective Study
Fall 2017David PriestPHPSocial Needs of Frequent Utilizers of the Emergency Department at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center
Fall 2017Mary SwinglePHPEvaluation of Special Needs Registration for Disaster Preparedness in Pinellas County, FL
Fall 2017Nathalie MunguiaEHAnalysis of Florida Panther Diet Reveals Possible Human Health Risk
Fall 2017Denae CampanalePHPZoonotic intestinal parasites in shelter dogs before and after parasiticide treatment
Fall 2017Meera ChandraPHPRisk of Vector Borne Diseases to Customs and Border Patrol Agents and Working Canines
Summer 2017Litty KoshySBSEvaluating the Efficacy of a Diabetes Prevention Program Across Different Populations
Summer 2017Arielle KonenEPIAssessing the Effects of Education on Vitamin A-rich food consumption in the Khatlon Province of Tajikistan
Summer 2017Andre EspillatPHPAdverse Childhood Experiences: Implementation of an ACEs Screener in UF Outpatient Pediatric Clinics
Summer 2017Heather AndersonPHPHousehold remoteness and patterns of food production and consumption in Tajikistan
Summer 2017Terri HaywoodPHPCoordinated Community Response to Intimate Partner Violence Report: City of Philadelphia
Summer 2017Elizabeth BeshearseEPIThe impact of a centralized student interview team on quality improvement measures for selected counties in the state of Florida
Summer 2017Rachael NicholsSBSExamining UF Student Emergency Preparedness and Proper Communication Channels
Summer 2017Adina FeldmanPHPMucosal barrier injury infections among cancer patients receiving total parenteral nutrition: rates and risk factors
Summer 2017Kelli SelwynSBSLGBT-inclusive Obstetrics and Nursing Support: The L.I.O.N.S. Project
Summer 2017Krysta KishbaughPHPEvaluation of "Our Healthy Development"
Summer 2017Nicole Ferguson-MorrisonPHPAnimal Incident Review in Lee County, FL 2013-2015
Summer 2017Katherine SaylerEHEdges & Healthy Communities: Do edges have an effect on tick abundance in the Lowveld of Swaziland
Summer 2017Kelli Dowdall-GabersonPHPDevelopment and Evaluation of a Expeditionary Medical Interoperability Tool
Summer 2017Caroline ValenciaSBSDeveloping Online Educational Modules Around Integrating Nutrition into Livestock Research and Development Programs
Summer 2017Jennifer WickliffeSBSTheoretical approaches to a Public Health Obesity Intervention
Summer 2017Romina HennigPHPMilitary Support to Livestock-based Livelihoods during Humanitarian Crises: Training and Knowledge Assessment Tools for the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps
Summer 2017Adam LipfordEPITreatment of Isoniazid-resistant Tuberculosis: An Analysis of Therapy Length and Culture Conversion in Florida
Summer 2017Tina TreloarPHPDiagnostic and Screening Methods for Periodontal Disease in Children and Adolescents
Summer 2017Marissa StonePHMPAn Evaluation of the HEDIS Countdown Call Campaign at Community Care Plan
Summer 2017Abhishek GiriPHMPImplementing Family Centered Multidisciplinary Rounds-Focus: Caregivers
Summer 2017Heather WertPHMPPhysician Compensation Plans in Academic Medicine: Tracking wRVU’s
Summer 2017Jessica RagauskasPHPArboviral Surveillance in Florida from 2014-2016
Summer 2017Nathalie MunguiaEHAnalysis of Florida Panther Diet Reveals Possible Human Health Risk
Summer 2017Phillip HahnEPIDeveloping a profile of adult patients with central line-associated bloodstream infections at UF Health Shands Hospital
Summer 2017Aja AlfordEPISatisfaction Regarding Referral Reminders among Community Members
Summer 2017Krithika MuthyalaEPICross-Sectional Study of Risk Factors in Pregnant Women Diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes vs. Pregnant Women Not Diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes
Summer 2017Colby CohenEPIHealth Impact of Dietary Intervention Plans in Alachua County
Spring 2017Tammie DurdenPHPDetermining Health Needs and Locations in the Development of a Mobile Health Unit
Spring 2017Alyssa SimonsEHThe Epidemiology of Patients Isolated for Tuberculosis at a Major Academic Health Center
Spring 2017Andrew DuncanPHPAnimal Bites and Rabies Reporting in the West Central Health District
Spring 2017Rui (Rina) LiBIOClinical Trial of Home-based Cardiovascular Rehab at Gainesville VA Medical Center
Spring 2017Boya LinBIOHand-grip Strength Associated with Falls in the Older Adults
Spring 2017Kudirat SalamPHPAssessment of Occupational Health and Hazard at Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Spring 2017Haley RademacherSBSUnderstanding the Impacts of Migration on Nutrition and Household Decision Making in Khatlon Province, Tajikistan
Spring 2017Chiung-Wei HuangBIOThe Impact of a Physician-at-triage on Emergency Department Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction: A Pilot Study
Spring 2017Elizabeth McOskerPHPTrends Among Connecticut Young Adult Emergency Department Visits for Suicide Attempts, 2011-2015
Spring 2017Laura RamirezSBSThe Rural Women’s Health Project: Creando Nuestra Salud (Creating Our Health) – A Breast Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Campaign for Rural Latina Women in Marion County
Spring 2017Ruth AntoinePHPEvaluating the Impact of Parent-targeted Diabetes and Nutritional Classes on Obese Pediatric Patients
Spring 2017Catherine CampbellPHPEffects of Financial and Environmental Factors on Food Desert Residents’ Food Purchasing and Consumption
Spring 2017Kaitlyn Faris-DickinsonBIOCommon Laboratory Values as a Predictor of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and Potential Directions for Newborn Screening
Spring 2017Rachael SilverbergSBSPerception of Childhood Vaccination Among Ultra-orthodox Jewish Mothers: Reasons for Noncompliance
Spring 2017Hsiaochu HsuBIORisk Factors Associated with Non-completion of Latent Tuberculosis Treatment in Florida
Spring 2017Margaux MilonPHMPAn Evaluation of the Implementation of Measurement Based Care at North Florida/ South Georgia Veterans Administration Hospital
Spring 2017Sterling VadenPHMPImproving the Efficiency of Scheduling in the Heart Failure Clinic of the Gainesville VAMC
Spring 2017Dana LucianiPHMPImproving Sanitation Policies by Implementing Hand Hygiene Protocols in Fiji Hospital
Spring 2017Beryl OjwangPHMPAchieving Zero Cauti Using A Patient Centered Interdisciplinary Approach & the Identification of Individual Patient Characteristics For Susceptibility to Cauti in the Neuro-ICU Setting
Spring 2017Ashley DonnellyEPIAccuracy of the Hain Genotype MTBDRplus Rapid Molecular Test for Diagnosing Drug Resistant Tuberculosis in a Low-incidence Setting
Spring 2017Rachel CiccarelliEPIAssessing Community Perceptions of HPV and the HPV Vaccine in an Urban Florida County
Spring 2017Kailyn PearceSBSA geospatial analysis of trauma and community resources in Tarpon Springs, FL
Spring 2017Alexis VogtSBSPeople with Disabilities and Social Media: How Forums and Chat Rooms Are Being Used for Information Sharing and Community Support
Spring 2017David DillonEPIChronic Exposure to Biomass Fuel Emission and Blood Pressure Modifications: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Spring 2017Karen RestrepoPHMPImproving Mental Health Services at NF/SGVHS by Developing a Strategic Space Allocation Plan
Spring 2017Ayodeji OtufoworaPHMPGender and Race Differences in the Willingness to Participate in Health Research among African Americans In Florida
Spring 2017Douglas ObogoPHMPEvaluating the Effectiveness of the NICAP MyUFHealth Enrollment Program, and its Implication on Patient Experience
Spring 2017Anna CalderonPHMPEnhancing the Coordination of Primary Care Appointments for U.S. Veteran
Spring 2017Xiangqi KongBIOSeason Effects on the Immune System
Spring 2017Yichen PanBIOHIV Testing Sites Impact Delayed Entry to Medical Care in Florida
Spring 2017Megan SmithSBSDiabetes Support Groups on Social Media: A Qualitative Evaluation of Diabetes Specific Information Exchanges on Facebook
Spring 2017Hao LongBIOEffects of chemotherapy timing and type on the control of schistosomiasis: A dynamic modeling-based study
Spring 2017Katherine PizarroSBSThe Epidemiology of LTBI Individuals with HIV Infection
Spring 2017Emma HawleySBSAssessment of Older Adults Currently Participating in Exercise Interventions at the Health Promotion Center
Spring 2017Eric PortalatinEPIA Retrospective Cohort Study of Community Water Fluoridation and the Oral Health of 3rd Graders in Alachua County, FL Public Schools
Spring 2017Rajaa MashhourPHPPrevalence of Dental Caries Experience in Permanent First Molars and their Preventable Surfaces in Children aged 7-12 Years Old in United States
Spring 2017Cara McDonnellSBSHow a Social Network Analysis can Guide a Grassroots Organization to a Trauma-Informed Community
Spring 2017Roger NoriegaEPISepsis Onset in MRSA Patients at Shands Jacksonville
Spring 2017Laura JacksonEHPersons Living with HIV Perspectives of Their Built Environment: Results from a Study of Health and Community
Spring 2017Brittney RothEPIPrecision Public Health: An Infrastructure Initiative at the University of Florida
Spring 2017Aja AlfordEPIUsing Cellphones as Referral Reminders: Analysis of Study on the Efficacy of Cellphone Reminders to Increase HealthStreet Members’ Referral Use
Spring 2017Aleksandra GasparovaEPIPreliminary Data Analysis of "Molecular Epidemiology and Phylodynamic and Phylogeographic Analysis of Community-associated Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Transmission: An Emergency Department Population Sampling Strategy"
Spring 2017Johanzynn GatewoodSBSCrisis Communication: Evaluation of Social Media in Emergency Management
Spring 2017Katie LaMontagneSBSA Mixed Methods Analysis of Stroke Caregivers Perceptions on Problem-solving Intervention
Spring 2017Kelsea LeBeauSBSA Nutrition Resource Guide for Participants of the Rural LEAP Research Project
Spring 2017Sarah McKeeSBS Peer Mentorship:  An Evaluation of a Key Component of the Get Fruved Health Intervention for College Freshmen One Aspect of the Get Fruved Health Intervention Study
Spring 2017Jacquelyn MoreauSBSDevelopment and Evaluation of Hospital Falls Education for Newly Hired Clinicians
Spring 2017Vicente NehgmeEPIEvaluating the Effect of Reeducation on Blood Culture Contamination Rates in a VA Medical Center Emergency Department
Spring 2017Samantha NormanSBSA Process Evaluation of the Diabetes Self-Management and Prevent T2 National Diabetes Prevention Programs in Marion County
Spring 2017Summer SlaughterSBSAffecting Desired Public Health Changes via Workplace Wellbeing Programs
Spring 2017Lauren TrofferEPIEvaluation of Risk Factors for Prolonged Airborne Isolation in Patients Diagnosed with Tuberculosis vs. Patients not Diagnosed with Tuberculosis
Spring 2017Matthew Von ZimmermanEPIPresenting the Need for Male Specific Depression Screening Tools in Primary Care
Fall 2016Tyler AldermanEHShigellosis in Men Who Have Sex with Men
Fall 2016Sarah AlmcrantzPHPDisease Surveillance of Imported and Exported Cattle Between the US and Cananda
Fall 2016Demi Danso-OdeiEHMapping the ground water contamination in Marion County; Why the FDEP Delineation Program is in need of Reevaluation
Fall 2016Jacqueline DolanPHPMarion County Well Monitoring May Justify Expansion of the Florida Delineation Program
Fall 2016Jasmine HayesPHMPState Health Improvement Evaluation Plan
Fall 2016Kimberly RobertsPHPScrapie Eradication: Evaluation of surveillance sampling and genetic resistance in goats.
Fall 2016Kelly HurleyPHPTick identification of African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) within the Waterberg Plateau Park, Namibia and the public health implications
Fall 2016Donna CardenPHMPPreventable ED Visits for Dental Conditions
Fall 2016Thomas J. ArndtEPINoninvasive Diagnosis of Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) Using a Combination of Plasma Biomarkers and Clinical Indicators
Fall 2016Matthew HallPHPDynamic Entomology: Mosquito surveillance in Northern Florida
Fall 2016Shuang WangEPIImprove the Measuring of Spatial Accessibility of Primary Care
Fall 2016Venessa WalthallPHPCryptosporidiosis in UF Veterinary Students
Spring 2016Halima AbukabbosPHMPEmergency Department Visits for Dental Problems by Florida Medicaid Recipients
Spring 2016Kristine AvilesPHPSyndromic Surveillance via ESSENCE-FL: Is This System Enough to Account for New and Re-emerging Arboviral Diseases?
Spring 2016Cherilyn BeanSBSSupport for the Supporters: A Multiple-Case Study of MotherWoman Support Group Facilitators
Spring 2016Kirsten BerlingEHAnalysis of enteric pathogens in drinking water sources in rural Kisumu communities
Spring 2016Alif ChowdhuryPHMPAnalyzing Severe Sepsis in the Emergency Department
Spring 2016Mariem Del RioPHMPPreeclampsia
Spring 2016Arnel DuvetEHUnraveling the Source of Cholera in Haiti: Behind the Scene Challenges
Spring 2016Gabriela GhitaBIOBirth Weight and Age at Menarche: An NHANES Analysis
Spring 2016Wen HuangEPIC. diff Test Appropriateness: Do we over-testing and over-diagnosis of C. diff infection?
Spring 2016Julie KarrEPISelf-identified transportation barriers, service utilization and research participation among HealthStreet 30 day follow-up participants
Spring 2016Joel KuriakosePHMPA DMAIC Approach to Increase Veteran Flow at the Orlando VA Medical Center Emergency Department
Spring 2016Kevin La MoureauxEHAn Assessment of Water Quality in a Rural Kenyan Community
Spring 2016Sandra MacArthurPHPPet Owner Anxiety Assessment when Pets Undergo Elective or Emergent Orthopedic Surgery at a Tertiary Referral Center
Spring 2016Nikki McGinnPHPRabies, Rabies-free Countries, and Recommendations
Spring 2016Rickia McGeeSBSPerceptions of access to Healthcare in the Leogane and Gressier Area
Spring 2016Regine MojicaPHMPAnalysis of Tobacco Licensing and Point of Sale Marketing in Alachua County
Spring 2016Esther OjoPHMPThe Development  of a Family Faculty Program in the Patient and Guest Relations department at Nicklaus Children's Hospital
Spring 2016Gargee PatelEPIInvestigating the significance of physical activity level as an alternative treatment approach for cystic fibrosis patients.
Spring 2016Alexandria PoitierSBSThe Development of a Peer Support Program for Haitian Restaveks
Spring 2016Juan RobayoEPIThe Social Determinants of Diagnosed HIV Infection in Bexar County, Texas
Spring 2016Andrew SchultzEPIA Moleculear Epidemiological Approach Assessing the Diverse Immune Profiles Associated with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)
Spring 2016Morgan ServiceSBSMajor Health Needs of Haitian Women in Gressier and Leogane: Results and Implications of a Community-Based Health Needs Assessment
Spring 2016Yun ShenEPIThe Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedsides (i2b2): A Four Year Summary of User Registrations at UF
Spring 2016Casey SiljestromPHPSocial Network Analysis in Veterinary Medicine:  Tracking Elephant Tuberculosis in the United States
Spring 2016Thomas SitEHSurvey of Estrogenic Water Contamination in Urban and Rural Areas of Haiti
Spring 2016Anjali ThakurBIOCan Family-Supportive Supervisor Behaviors (FSSB) improve employees Work, Family and Health aspects?
Fall 2015Muna OliEPIChange in the Incidence of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Following Revision of Surveillance Criteria
Fall 2015Carlos QuijadaPHPDesign of a multi component community based skin cancer/sun safety intervention for the Island of Saba, Caribbean Netherlands
Fall 2015Amrika RampersadPHPOral Health Integration into Pediatric Primary Care
Fall 2015Kattyana AdrienPHMPEffects of Attending Physician at Triage on ED Throughput and Patient Satisfaction
Fall 2015Hector BarrionuevoBIOClinical Variables Associated to Coronary Stenosis by Computed-Tomography Coronary Angiography
Fall 2015Julie LondonPHPAn Internal Audit of the Mobile County Health Department: Employee Immunization Status and Compliance
Fall 2015John LybargerPHMPGeomapping Cancer Incidence for Treatment Resource Planning
Fall 2015Daris TownsendPHMPA Cost-Assessment of the Leading Disease Pathologies in Haiti's Christianville Community School Clinic
Summer 2015Alina Jurado-ChaneyPHPRCMA Employee Wellness Program
Summer 2015Alexander ZirulnikEPIImpact Assessment of a Clerkship-Based Patient Safety Curriculum
Summer 2015Rodney TrytkoPHPThe Washington State Health Disparity Report
Summer 2015Lynn TurnerSBSFollow-on Analysis of Outpatient Diseases in Christianville, Gressier, Haiti: Determination of Seasonal Trends and School-by-school Comparisons of Disease Frequencies
Summer 2015Lauren GilbertPHMPThe Current State of Cancer Advocacy in Florida: A SWOT Analysis
Summer 2015Erika AustinPHPPublic Health Workforce Development: The Role of Undergraduate Public Health Education
Summer 2015Alison PondoSBSPerceptions of Health Literacy Modifications for an Informational Website and Health Information Applications
Summer 2015Kyle JohnsonEHA characterization of services offered by food animal veterinarians in the southeast United States
Summer 2015John Patrick DelanoEPIPrevalence of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria and Antibiotic Misuse
Summer 2015Jaclyn FosnachtEPIDeveloping a patient risk profile for Clostridium difficile at a large university hospital
Summer 2015Jaana GoldPHPOral Health Knowledge and Practices of WIC Personnel at Alachua Department of Health WIC Program
Summer 2015Thuy NgoEHPredictive Model for Disease Severity of Novel Rhinovirus C Strain
Summer 2015Stephen PapePHPThe Correlation Between Previous Non-Fatal Traumatic Injury and Preventable Deaths:  A Case Series
Summer 2015Kiarash RahmanianSBSE-Cigarettes ≠ Safe: A Health Communication Campaign Dissuading Electronic Cigarette Use
Spring 2015Monique BessetteEHPoliovirus Lsc1: a model organism for survival of enteroviruses in commercially- and freshly-made salsa
Spring 2015Taylor CampionEPITrust Levels in Research and Researchers Among HealthStreet Members
Spring 2015Matthew ChanPHMPChanging Florida's School Health Screening Policy to Include Oral Health as a Mandatory Inclusion
Spring 2015Melani DickensonEHEstrogen Receptor Activation in Water Samples Collected in Haiti to Verify the Presence of Xenoestrogens in Water Sources
Spring 2015Elta DesvaristesSBSChristianville Schools Anthropometric Data Collection: A Quality Improvement Study
Spring 2015Sarah DeatherageSBSAsk Before You Act: A Health Communication Campaign Promoting Sexual Consent
Spring 2015Hernsa DruinardSBSGetFruved
Spring 2015Shiyao GaoBIOAdmission diagnosis and activity limitation in hospitalized older adults
Spring 2015Jarred GrayEPIMeasuring the Proportion of Patients with Heart Disease Who Visited an Orange County Hospital in 2014 Using ESSENCE-FL syndromic Surveillance System
Spring 2015Nickolas HearingPHMPReducing No-Shows: Effects of 24 Hour Reminder Calls on Malcom Randall VA Medical Center’s GI Clinic
Spring 2015Daniel KimEHDiabetes Surveillance and the Built Environment
Spring 2015William LentzschPHMPFlorida Water Management Inventory (FLWMI)
Spring 2015Chelsea LoyEPITrends in Hand Hygiene Compliance at the Johns Hopkins Hospital
Spring 2015Gina MartoranaEPIEarly Clinical Exposure: Do First and Second Year Preceptorships Improve Student Competence in a Clinical Setting and Impact Interest in Primary Care Career Choices?
Spring 2015April MorrissettSBSReviewers' Perspectives on Patient and Stakeholder Reviewers Scoring Impact and Technical Merit Criteria at the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)
Spring 2015Jennifer NeelandsSBSImpact of Campus Perceptions on Fruit and Vegetable Intake and Physical Activity
Spring 2015Hannah NeeleyEHAnalysis of Videographic Data to Quantify Dermal Contact with Water During Recreational Beach Use
Spring 2015Pharnette RichemondSBSAttitudes, Perceptions, and Beliefs of Electronic Health Records in Minority Populations
Spring 2015Samantha SitesEPIStroke Patient Functional Abilities and Depression among Caregivers
Spring 2015Angie SmithMultidisciplinary strategies to reduce hospital admissions in Veteran patients diagnosed with CHF: A systematic review of evidence based best practices​
Spring 2015Nichole StettenSBSBody Image Perceptions: A Community Based Participatory Research Study for a Non-Dietary Weight Management Intervention
Spring 2015Michael TaasanEPIA Comparison of Two Methodologies for Myocardial Perfusion Imaging in Men
Spring 2015Kelsey TatumEPICharacteristics, Health Behaviors, and Experiences with Health Care Professionals Among the LGBT Community in Alachua County, Florida
Spring 2015Katelyn Turner (Bass)SBSPornography, Demand, and Human Trafficking: A Review of Developed Countries
Spring 2015Catherine WalterSBSAwareness of Health and Wellness Resources available to UF and UF Health Employees
Spring 2015Lynda BartekPHPResults Based Accountability in a Public Health Department Program: How Are We Doing?
Spring 2015David LeePHMPVA MRI Services: Eliminating the Quality Gap
Spring 2015Staci CannonPHPPublic Health Implications in Large-Scale Animal Investigations and Responses
Spring 2015Rebecca ZimlerEPIMosquito Density and Activity of Chikungunya Vectors in Haiti
Spring 2015Jason TelferPHPDevelopment of the Disease Containment Plan for MacDill, Air Force Base
Spring 2015Steven PetersonEHInvestigating the Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds on Mosquito Growth and Development
Spring 2015Doratha ByrdEPIRacial and ethnic differences in dietary intake, physical activity and body mass index among cancer survivors using the 2010 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) Cancer Control Module
Spring 2015Sean LivingstonSBSRural Health Clinic Strategic Plan Development
Spring 2015Jing JinEPICharacteristics Associated with TB Diagnosis At Death in TB Patients in Florida From 1993-2013
Spring 2015Kevin CowartEPITherapeutic Drug Monitoring of Anti-Tuberculosis Therapy: A Retrospective Analysis of Cycloserine Over 5 Years
Spring 2015Mary Catherine BertulfoPHPCommunity Disaster Education Program for Children
Spring 2015Patrick RoweEPIAlachua county school flu surveillance
Spring 2015Yaqiong ZhuBIOExploring the relationship between food insecurity and chronic diseases
Spring 2015Hilary WoodcumPHPNeeds Assessment for an LGBTQIA Youth Serving Organization
Spring 2015Kirstin BlanzyEHAssessing the Presence of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds in Haitian Waterways
Spring 2015Joey HamelPHMPPressure Ulcer Reduction at Crouse Hospital
Spring 2015Takeshia PierreSBSRural South Public Health Training Center Needs Assessment
Spring 2015Meenakshi Puthocode-BalakrishnanPHMPAn Analysis of the Community Need for Expanded Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Services
Spring 2015Constanza CovarrubiasPHMPReferral Analysis and Improvement in Family Medicine
Spring 2015Alexander PinterEPIRisk Factors for Pyrazinamide Resistance
Spring 2015Sharon BaldinelliPHPWho is Being Served?
Spring 2015Mengxiong WangEPIAlmonds: Effects on Microbiota and Health Among Adults and Children
Spring 2015Alexandra MirabilePHMPHow Leadership Rounding affects Employee Engagement and Patient Satisfaction Rates
Spring 2015Lael KuceraPHPA Quality Improvement Study for the Community Care Group Model
Spring 2015Sadaf MilaniEPIInsecticide-Treated Net Distributions in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Overview of Campaigns from 2006-2014 
Spring 2015Sohail AzeemPHPIncreasing Efficiency in the Operating Room for Disaster Preparedness
Fall 2014Lindsay HochmanPHPPythiosis of Humans and Animals - Assessing Knowledge Base of an Emerging Pathogen amongst Physicians and Veterinarians in Florida
Fall 2014Alyssa ComroePHPHost Factors Associated with Dogs that were Euthanized or Adopted Days After Admission to a Municipal Shelter Facility in Florida
Fall 2014Dana ConnellPHPOutcome of Animals Quarantined After Exposure to a Known Rabid Animal
Fall 2014Stephanie BodePHPAnalysis of Cat Bite Investigations in Bay County, FL
Fall 2014Carla White-HolderPHPA Program Evaluation to Determine the Feasibility and Preliminary Effectiveness of the Healthy Eyes Program of the Nemours Florida Prevention Initiative
Fall 2014Gabrielle FraleyPHPFood as Medicine
Fall 2014Jennifer HuntingtonPHPThe Effect of Sea Level Rise on Waterborne and Vector-borne diseases in Southeastern Florida
Fall 2014David KilpatrickPHPWest Nile Virus Among Bottlenose Dolphins (Turisops truncatus) of the Indian River Lagoon and Proximate Sentinel Animals after Florida Introduction in 2001
Fall 2014Chelsea RiveraEHCorrelation of Human Pollution Indicators: A Look at Alachua County’s Creek System Using Microbial Source Tracking and Fecal Coliform vs. E. Coli Levels
Fall 2014Alexandra BurneEHDevelopment of an Economical ELISA for Serological Surveillance of Dengue and West Nile Virus in Haiti
Fall 2014Alexander RabreEPIReducing Incidence of Future Chronic Disease through Policy Change: A Study in Voluntary Smoke-Free Policy Adherence of Bars in Alachua County, Florida, 2014
Summer 2014Laney KayPHPHow Guardianship and Other Current Systems, Laws and Policies Contribute to Financial Exploitation of the Elderly:  Policy Review and Recommendations for the State of Georgia
Summer 2014Alexis WilsonEPIAdvanced Tuberculosis Disease among Haitians residing in South Florida
Summer 2014Victoria HunterSBSEvaluation Strategies for Technical Training Partnerships Between Developed and Developing Countries: A Case Study in Haiti
Summer 2014Jordan PowersSBSImpact of Religious Beliefs and Practices on Health Status in Indigent Care Population
Summer 2014Tony JohnstonPHPA Review of Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci Invasive Disease Surveillance in Tennessee
Summer 2014Mercedes MurphyEPIThe Relationship Between Thoracic Anatomy and Gastrointestinal Complications in Patients with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Treated at UF Health
Summer 2014Michael PreitulaPHPAn example of extending an STI/HIV Intervention for African American Adolescent Females using the ADAPT-ITT Texting Adaptation Process
Summer 2014Ezekiel OjewalePHPQuality Improvement of HIV Testing and Counseling at the Equal Access Clinic locations in Gainesville, Florida
Summer 2014Christa MeilerPHPOverweight and Obese Children in Harrison School District Two and El Paso County, A Needs Assessment
Summer 2014Jennifer KiddPHPProvider Focused Intervention for Breastfeeding and Tobacco Exposure
Summer 2014Jamie SchagenePHPImplementing a Closed Point of Dispensing Site at a Federal Installation
Summer 2014Brian McDanielPHPBarriers and Motivating Factors Associated with Volunteering at Local Free Clinics: A Survey of UF Faculty Physicians
Summer 2014Oluwayemisi AwoyemiPHPPatient Satisfaction at the University of Florida Student-run free Clinics
Summer 2014Jennifer BakerEPIEvaluation of Racial Disparities in Low Birth Weight within Alachua County
Summer 2014Lara EsinEPIIdentifying Risk Factors for Surgical Site Infections Attributable to Implantable Cardiac Device Surgeries
Summer 2014Lakota FriedmanEHUrban Creeks in Gainesville Florida: An Evaluation of Fecal Coliform and E. coli Water Quality Monitoring
Summer 2014Harrison HodgmanPHMPTrends in Use of Emergency Departments in Florida for Dental Problems
Summer 2014Jennifer HaguewoodEPIThe Effect of Patient Level Characteristics  on Lab Test Follow-Up and Test Interpretation at the Equal Access Clinic Network​
Summer 2014Jin (Amy) LinPHMPPediatric and Adult Providers' Perception on Barriers to and Facilitators of Health Care Transition for Patients with Cystic Fibrosis: A Qualitative Study
Summer 2014Raed NarvelEHCapacity Building in International Non-Governmental Organizations: The STELLAR Project
Spring 2014Richard BarrettSBSHealthStreet Needs Assessment
Spring 2014Kevin BitsieEPINative American Health
Spring 2014Lai Ling CheungEPIRisk factors Associated with Serretia mrcescen acquisition and Infection in a neonatal intensive care unit
Spring 2014Ashley CoatsworthEPIThe Effects of Sanitation on Transmission of Schistosomiasis in a Chinese Population
Spring 2014Brooke EckmanEPIExplanation of High Rates of Malaria After Implementation of Malaria Control
Spring 2014Cristelle GarnierSBSIdentifying and Comparing the Best Practices for noncommunicable Disease Prevention within Two Countries of Different Levels of Development
Spring 2014Stacey GrinerSBSAnalysis of Sexual Risk Taking Behavior in Middle School Students
Spring 2014Lavonza HollimanSBSSmoking relapse-prevention Intervention for
Spring 2014Lindsey LaytnerSBSPATH's Indirect-Cost Data Collection Tools: A Systematic Review and Recommendations
Spring 2014Lucy LIEHBiological and developmental characteristics of the mosquito Uranotaenia lowii and its susceptibility to the baculovirus UrsaNPV
Spring 2014Ang-Hsi LinPHMPResearch Coordinator Consortium Workforce Development
Spring 2014Marina MirandaEPIRated perceived exertion (RPE) and fatigability in older breast cancer survivors 1-2 years following treatment with and without chemotherapy
Spring 2014Corneisia MitchellEPIRisk Factors Associated with Influenza and Influenza-Like Illness (ILI) Among Patients within the UFHealth Shands Medical System from 2009-2014
Spring 2014Rhianna ReedSBSAn evaluation of Family Participation, communication, and comprehension in patient Rounds at UF Health Shands Children's Hospital at the University of Forida
Spring 2014Magda SchmitzbergerSBSNeeds Assessmenet if Services for Immigrant Survivors of Domestic Violence an dHuman Traffiking
Spring 2014Lincoln SchneiderPHMPUS Navy Materials Management and Logistics, A Systems Analysis
Spring 2014Kayla SutherlandSBSBlogs and HIV: An evaluation of website blog use and its impact on individuals living with HIV, caring for, and associated with those living with HIV
Spring 2014Ashley SzaryEPIPatient and HealthCare Provider Awareness and Perspective Regardign Trivalent and Quadivalent Flu Vaccines
Spring 2014Karen VanterpoolSBSLiterature Review & Summaries of HRSA Grantee Activities
Spring 2014Alyssa WangPHMPRetrospective evaluation of a telephone skills-building program for caregivers of veterans with stroke
Spring 2014Yuanhui WangEPIEvaluation of a community-based social, health, and research referral service: barriers of access to referrals among HealthStreet community members in Alachua County and Duval County, Florida
Spring 2014Zhi ZhouBIOEvaluation of the differences between low-level INH-resistant TB patients and high-level INH-resistant TB patients
Spring 2014Andrea RamirezEHDisaster Preparedness for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries
Spring 2014Mitchell BrownPHPImplement Electronic Hospital Incident Command System
Spring 2014Amanda TerminelloSBSInvolving the faith community in HIV/AIDS education and services: An assessment of African American & Black Student Perceptions
Spring 2014John BarkerPHMPEvaluation of Patient Visits, Retention, and Satisfaction in Two Low-Income Clinics in Gainesville, Florida
Spring 2014Blosmeli LeonPHMPHealth Insurance Navigator Program Internal Evaluation
Spring 2014Meng PengSBSReducing Dentally-Related Emergency Room Visits in Alachua County, Florida
Spring 2014Kevin TalbotPHPSchistosomiasisi Investigation in Haiti
Spring 2014Holley HooksSBSGood Enough Care: Decreasing Barriers to Treatment Adherence in School-Aged Patients with Cystic Fibrosis
Spring 2014Karen MaskPHPInactivated Influenza Vaccine Administration via Microneedle Patch; a Novel Vaccine Delivery System
Spring 2014Carol LewisPHPDevelopment of a Low Intensity Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for use with Medically Underserved Populations
Spring 2014Anna CoronaSBSImplementing a physical activity workplace intervention in a rural community
Spring 2014Wayne HomanPHPValidation and Improvement of the Medical Readiness and Reporting System
Spring 2014Stephanie AtueyiPHPMissed Opportunities for Congenital Syphilis Prevention in Baltimore City
Spring 2014Denny Fe AganaEPIMolecular Epidemiology of Tuberculosis in Haitian Population in South Florida
Spring 2014Amy TejirianPHPCare Integration in the Jail Diversion Program
Spring 2014Sazid KhanEPIExploring Factors associated with Stable Treatment Outcomes in Pulmonary Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Patients
Spring 2014Tatiana GonzalezPHMPInternational Nutrition Standards
Spring 2014Stephanie MakepeacePHPOutcomes of the Shift in Care from Inpatient to Outpatient Procedures in Hysterectomy
Fall 2013Isaac SiaBIOFrailty and the Multiplicative Effect of Comorbidity and Disability on Mortality
Fall 2013Chad AsplundPHPEisenhower Army Medical Center Pediatric Obesity Program
Fall 2013Paulette BlancEPIRates of Comorbidities in Children with Chronic Lung Disease
Fall 2013Siddarth MunsifPHPTobacco Use Behavior Among Low Income Population in Kenton County, KY
Fall 2013Jordan JonesEHNeeds Assessment of Selected Florida Gulf Communities following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Fall 2013Angela MonkSBSBest Fed Beginnings at UF Health
Fall 2013Charles ParkEHAn Observational Study Concerning the Impact of Rainfall on Bacterial Contamination of Private Water Supply Systems in North Florida
Fall 2013Erika SchwarzPHPHerpes B and Non-Human Primate Owners in Florida: Current Risk and Future Goals for Safeguarding Public Health
Fall 2013Carisa BoyceEPIMolecular Evidence of Borrelia spp. in Host-seeking Ticks and White-tailed Deer in North Central Florida
Fall 2013Adam LenzPHMPImproving HCAHPS Patient Satisfaction through a Patient-Centered Delivery of Care with Patient Bedside Whiteboards
Fall 2013Hector  RivasPHPApplying TB Genotyping to TB Control Practices in Los Angeles County, 2004-2013
Fall 2013Kellie J. FlanneryEPISeminole County Influenza Tabletop Exercise
Fall 2013Kyle DonnellyPHPOne Health One Ocean: Phaeohyphomycosis Resulting In Occlusive Granulomatous Tracheitis in Wild Green Sea Turtles (Chelonia mydas)
Fall 2013David HsiPHPFoodborne Illness Risk Comparison Between Lamb And Beef Among U.S. Consumers
Fall 2013Timothy QueeneyPHPEmerging Foodborne Pathogens
Fall 2013Stefani NixonSBSElectronic Cigarettes
Summer 2013Courtney GrilloPHPEvaluation of the Nursing Component of the Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program Utilizing an Implementation Science Framework
Summer 2013Amy TranPHMPFunding for Tampa General Hospital’s Transplant Campaign
Summer 2013Amy NewtonPHMPDevelopment of a Patient Satisfaction Survey for Quality Improvement in a Student-run, Free Clinic
Summer 2013Erik FinlayEPILocal Spatial Clustering of Food Insecurity within the Urban Boundary of Gainesville, FL
Summer 2013Jacqueline RiscoPHMPAssessing the Feasibility of Emergency Department Diversion and Avoidance Strategies within Medicaid. The Preliminary Stages of Policy Analysis
Summer 2013Asad PatwaryEPIEvaluation of Nutritional Deficiency in Post-Earthquake Haiti: Assessment of Stunting and Wasting Among School Children from Gressier
Summer 2013David MonticalvoPHPComplementary & Alternative Medicine Use Among Bone Marrow Transplant Patients
Summer 2013Allison ReddickSBSProgram Evaluation of Smoke-Free Signage in Gainesville Parks: A Pilot Study
Summer 2013Eva PageSBSPhotovoice: Child Maltreatment in Alachua County
Summer 2013Rose MarcelinSBSAccessing The Medical Home Among More Medically Complex Children With Special Health Care Needs: A Secondary Data Analysis
Summer 2013Krista WertSBSInvestigation of UF Campus Climate, Focus on Students' Experiences with Victimization; Recommendations for Victim Services.
Summer 2013Jenna TenoldPHPObservations of Ethiopian Health Center Labor and Delivery Facilities: Recommendation for Decreasing Barriers to Skilled Delivery
Summer 2013Cady SandlerPHMPMaking Healthy Eating a Priority: Designing and Implementing Nutrition Best Practices for Southwest Advocacy Group
Summer 2013Tim DavisEHOviposition and Feeding Preferences of Adult Toxoryhnchites rutilus rutilus (Diptera: Culicidae): Implications for Vector Management Strategies
Summer 2013Emily SasserPHMPThe Elusive “Why” of Readmission Reductions: Can Qualitative Care Intervention Data Convey a Success Story?
Summer 2013Emily WeeksBIOPrognostication In The Emergency Department. Do We Recognize A Dying Patient?
Summer 2013David DekevichEPIDynamics of Mycobacterium fortuitum Growth Under Controlled Laboratory Conditions
Summer 2013Priscilla BowensPHPTowards Determining Organizational Viability for a Health Planning and Policy Division
Summer 2013Darrin HartleyPHPAssessment Of Fruit And Vegetable Intake Among Adults In Yalaha
Summer 2013Tamar CarterEPIParticipant Compliance in Malaria Study in Haiti
Spring 2013Catherine BirchEHEvaluating the role of V. Cholerae in the Aquatic Environment, with Special Focus on Seafood and Aquatic Plants in Gressier, Haiti
Spring 2013Haley MartinezEHMercury Poisoning Awareness in Women of Childbearing Age
Spring 2013Zachary LowensteinEHThe Significance of Diesel PM as an Environmental Indicator in Promoting Environmental Justice
Spring 2013Kaitlin SummerfieldEHRisk Impact Analysis of Proposed Changes to Florida Surface Water Standards
Spring 2013Daphney DegandPHMPAnalysis of Healthcare Provider Behaviors When Determining Medical Necessity for Services with Respect to Children with Special Health Care Needs
Spring 2013Rochelle FrazerPHMPVaricella Immunity in incoming College Students
Spring 2013Miten PatelPHMPThe Florida Disability and Health Program: Identifying, Prioritizing, and Assessing Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs in Florida
Spring 2013Shenae SamuelsPHMPA Programmatic Evaluation of the University of Florida's Pediatric Integrated Care System (Ped-I-Care): A Managed Care Program for Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN)
Spring 2013Michael BennettPHMPEnhancing the Patient Experience: Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC)
Spring 2013Vidhi BhatiaPHMPEvaluating The Impact of a Patient Care Coordinator on Cervical Cancer Screening Rates at Palms Medical Group- A Clinical Quality Improvement Effort.
Spring 2013Heather L CampbellPHPSurvey of Florida Municipal Shelters to Identify Key Deficiencies in Zoonotic Disease Transmission
Spring 2013Robert OstbyePHMPEqual Access Clinic Process Measurement and Care Coordination
Spring 2013Alyssa ColemanSBSOral Health Status of Rural 3rd Grade Youth: Bradford County, FL
Spring 2013Kelly PoppellSBSAssessing an After School Enrichment Program Incorporating Physical Activity and STEM Curriculum in Alachua County
Spring 2013Jihane AmbroiseSBSEvaluating AHEC Outreach Efforts in the Community and to Healthcare Providers on tobacco Cessation Services
Spring 2013Meera BhatkaSBSDevelopment, Implementation, and Evaluation of Educational Classes and a Community Garden with the SWAG Neighborhood
Spring 2013John Michael GonzalesPHMPSocial Media Development for Healthy Start of North Central Florida
Spring 2013Felix LorenzoPHMPDesign and Implementation of a Radiology Coding and Communication Closure System to Ensure Patient Follow-up of Potential Malignancies
Spring 2013Yi SuEHIdentify Prevalence of Salmonella and E. coli O157:H7 on Selected Fresh Produce from Supermarket, Local Market and Farmer's Market
Spring 2013Bao MengyuanEHEvaluating the Public Health Impact of DOSS Contamination of Seafood
Spring 2013Catherine McDermottEHQuantifying the Susceptibility of Three Genera of Mosquitoes to Aedes sollicitans Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus (AesoNPV)
Spring 2013Marissa ValentineEHWhere's the Oil? Shortcomings of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response Data
Spring 2013Todd BlissEPIAssociation Between Sub therapeutic Antibiotic Use and Development of Beta-Lacamase Positive E.coli
Spring 2013Alex TiemeierEPIPrevious Hospitalization as a Risk Factor for Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Congenital Heart Disease Patients in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Spring 2013Melissa JohnstonEPIAssessing the Perceived Impact of Religious Beliefs/Practices on an Indigent Primary Healthcare Population
Spring 2013Joy ScheidellEPIFetal Demise among HIV-infected Pregnant Women
Spring 2013Christian OchonmaEPIEvaluation of the Role of Catheter Tubing (including looping) as a Risk Factor for Hospital Acquired Infections
Spring 2013Elizabeth TremblayEPIAssessment of Pre-op Screening of Neurosurgery Patients for MSSA/MRSA & the Efficacy of Decolonization in the Prevention of Class I Surgical Site Infections
Spring 2013Alyssa CohenEPIA Comparison of Location and Types of Fatal School-Based Shooting Incidents.
Spring 2013Jim ScribnerPHPLinkage To Care In A Universal Emergency Department HIV Screening Prog.
Spring 2013Jennifer LeLaurinSBSAttitudes Toward HPV in Young Adult Males
Spring 2013Andrew McMurrayEPIThe Effect Of Smoking In The Development Of Active Tuberculosis Disease In Morocco
Spring 2013Livia SuraEPIThe Sssociation Between HIV and MDR-TB in Florida and Risk Factors for Coinfection
Spring 2013Olihe OkoroSBSEngaging African American Women Entrepreneurs
Spring 2013Calvin CortesEPIDiagnosis of TB at Death: Analysis of Clinical and Demographic Findings in Florida
Spring 2013Cailin WetzelSBSAssessing Knowledge and Beliefs about Elective Deliveries Before 39 Weeks Gestation in Healthy Start Participants and Care Coordinators in North Central Florida
Spring 2013Angela BakidisSBSLinking Communities To Health Information And Services: An Analysis Of A Short Term Lay-Health Worker Campaign
Spring 2013Gregory RiherdSBSNeeds Assessment of Public Health Workers in Rural, Medically Underserved Areas of Florida with a Special Focus on HIV/AIDS
Spring 2013Karishma ChhabriaBIOPhysiological Iron Maintenance in End Stage Renal Disease Subjects via Hemodialysis
Spring 2013Emily JonesSBSPatient Safety Performance in Public Hospitals: A Multivariate Analysis
Spring 2013Sarah PhillipsEPIBeijing Strain of Tuberculosis in the State of Florida from 2008 - 2011: An Analysis of Clinical Data
Spring 2013Darryl PastorSBSA Multi Component Intervention To Modify The Food Environment Of A Food Insecure Region Of SW Gainesville: The Access Component
Spring 2013Allison TrainorPHPPreparing for Change: Identification of Key Health Determinants in Marion County, Florida
Spring 2013Kendra AugustePHMPCommunity Health Worker Training Program for Cholera Management
Spring 2013Sarah BrunerPHMPThe Age of Health Transformation: A Framework for Evaluating and Analyzing the Economic Tipping Point for Health Systems as They Migrate to Risk-Based Contracting and Population Health Models of Care
Spring 2013Andrew FossPHMPHealth Information Technology, Electronic Medical Records, and Meaningful Use
Spring 2013Brandy BonnerSBSAssessing Family Member Attitudes and Beliefs about Participating in " Family-Centered Rounds" at Shands Children's Hospital
Spring 2013Anneka FraserSBSAn Evaluation of The Diabetes Center at North Florida Regional Medical Center
Spring 2013Kaleb LewisSBSEvaluation of the University of Florida's Medical Amnesty Policy
Spring 2013Joelle GlennPHPEpidemiological Study of Malnutrition in Children less than 5- years old in the Rural Community on Tunkas
Spring 2013Alana CanuppPHPA Retrospective Study in the Prevalence of Ringworm in a Temporary Shelter Setting
Spring 2013Stacey FoxPHPIdentifying Patterns in Importation of Improperly Vaccinated Dogs
Spring 2009Mirna AmayaPHMPAlachua County CHOICES Health Education and Wellness Program: Analysis of the Minority Health Initiative
Spring 2009James StevensPHMPAssessment of a Nursing Home
Spring 2009Krystal KnightPHMPProgram Process Evaluation tool for rural community outreach program for Medicaid-eligible elderly in an Area Agency on Aging
Spring 2009Catherine LevonianPHPPhotovoice: Women and Healthcare
Spring 2009Lisa ReidenauerSBSProgram Development of Pharmacist Practice Based Research Networks in the State of Maryland
Spring 2009Desiree SchnoorSBSDevelopment of a web-based educational module and instructional materials on nutrition and childhood asthma for primary care providers
Spring 2009Thalia SmithSBSDevelopment of web-based educational module and instructional materials on nutrition and childhood asthma for primary care providers
Spring 2009Kitty ChristianSBSSanta Fe College Health Assessment: A closer look at underage and high-risk drinking among SFC students
Spring 2009Stephanie SchroppSBSTransportation Needs Assessment of Gainesville Seniors
Spring 2009Magali JorandSBSEmerging Adult’s Risk Behaviors, Substance Use and the Transition to College: A Pilot Study
Spring 2009Katie SwinkEPIPerinatal HIV-I Infection in Washington, DC
Spring 2009Leanne KayeSBSHead and Neck Cancer Survivor Project: From Individuals to the Community and Back
Spring 2009Kareema SmithEPIIsolation Precautions Compliance: An assessment of patient rooms at Shands AGH
Spring 2009Jocelyn MullinsEPIEpidemiology of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in humans and dogs in Florida
Spring 2009Siva KethaEPINeurosurgery SSI Study
Spring 2009Umme NurEPITargeting Providers to increase Tobacco Cessation Counseling Patient with Diabetes
Spring 2009Amanda CrawfordEPIColistin Use and Outcomes in a Large Teaching Hospital
Spring 2009Zhuangyu CaiBIOEPI of diabetic foot ulcers and predictors for diabetic foot amputation in Tanzania
Spring 2009Lolia FernandezEPIAcquired Rofamycin Resistant Tuberculosis among Patients co-infected with HIV
Spring 2009Leanne WhiteEPIEvaluation of risk factors associated with decreased fecundity in gopher tortoises
Spring 2009Emily AppletonEPIClostridium difficile: Who should be washing their hands?
Spring 2009Caitlin KnoxEPIAnticoagulant Monitoring: A Drug Use Evaluation at North Florida Regional Medical Center Department of Pharmacy Services
Spring 2009Maggie LowEHDog Bite Prevention
Spring 2009Alana ChristouEHReducing Florida’s Household Chemical-Related Injuries Using HSEES Data
Spring 2009Melissa McClainEHMercury Poisoning: An Update of Diagnostic Tools and Epidemiologic Surveys
Spring 2009Alex WepplemanEHThe Creation of Human Health Risk Assessment Maps from Environmental Sampling
Spring 2009Kathryn EvansEHStrategy Development for Increasing Awareness Among Pregnant and Preconceptional Women about Selected EH Hazards)
Spring 2009Sheridan MajorEPIPatient's Perception of Hand Hygiene
Spring 2009Tyler ScherrPHMPColumbia County Smoking Cessation Evaluation
Spring 2009Namrata UberoiPHMPSurvey to Inform Selection of Healthy People 2020 Tobacco Objectives
Spring 2009Zaynab MajorSBSBarriers to emergency room referrals for substance abuse patients that require further care
Spring 2009Allysha RobinsonSBSThe Role of Spirituality in Health Promotion among African American Churches:
A Pilot Study"
Spring 2009Gaby BoscanSBSFood Availability and Affordability Assessment of Levy County
Spring 2009Ali Al-RajhiPHMPImproving hand hygiene compliance c. dificile
Spring 2009Christian SaldanaEHImpacts of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in South Florida
Spring 2009Norisse TellmanEHMapping the Burden of Influenza and Influenza-like Illness in Veterans Integrated Service Network Eight (VISN8)
Spring 2009Claudia TamayoPHMPSecond Hand Smoke and Children with Asthma: A needs Assessment
Spring 2009Catherine JohnsonPHMPFilling the Gaps: Targeting the Intercepts of the Criminal Justice, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Programs in Duval County, Florida
Spring 2009Andrea GoosenPHMPEvaluating the Distribution and use of "Be Wise about your Portion Size" by Health Agencies Statewide
Spring 2009Kathryn EclarPHMPNew York City Health Insurance Link: Individuals and Independent Workers
Spring 2009Dawn AlayonPHMPCareer Epidemiology Field Officer Program: An Administrative Evaluation
Spring 2009BethAnn FrostEPIThe Risk of Acquired Pneumonia among Children Who Use Proton Pump Inhibitors
Summer 2008Jennifer BarnhartEHWorkplace Wellness
Summer 2008Julie CessnaSBSThe Key Outcome Indicator Report: An Evaluation of State Tobacco Control Programs Use of the Report
Summer 2008Laura ChanEPIAn evaluation of the Home Outreach Testing Program as a social networking tool to promote HIV testing and counseling
Summer 2008Audrey FordSBSAlachua County Jail Health Assessment
Summer 2008Carmen Glotflety-OrtizEPIMethicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) in Domestic Pets
Summer 2008Jessica GrippoEPICharacteristics of Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis Among Foreign Born and US Born Individuals in Florida, 1996-2006
Summer 2008Jasmine KhedkarEPILegionella Recommendations follow up study, Maryland 2000-2007
Summer 2008William PerezPHMPWorkplace Tobacco Policies and Interventions
Summer 2008Farida ReyesPHMPPrimary Care Referral
Summer 2008Pinal VirapariaEPIPhone Monitoring and Frontloading Visits Program
2012Alison StargelEHEfficacy of Chlorine Dioxide Gas Against Salmonella & E. Coli O157:H7 on Freshly Harvested Tomatoes & Cantaloupes
2012Bernadette GuzmanPHMPAbstract
2012Chase RyantSBSUS Food & Drug Administration Center for Tobacco Products: Comprehensive Tobacco Control Training Assessment
2012Corrine E. RuktanonchaiPreliminary Analysis of a Community-Engaged Strategy to Reach Underrepresented and Underserved Populations in Alachua County, Florida
2012David H. BonicheEHImpact of Tropical Storm Debby in North Florida: An Observational Study Concerning Levels of Total Coliform Bacteria and E coli in Water Supply Systems
2012Diana CardwellEHThe Development of an Educational Program on Water Sanitation Geared Towards the Leaders and Community of the Comarca Ngabe Bugle, Specifically Kusapin, Punta Valiente, and Bahia Azul
2012Emily Q. RobinsonSBSImplementation of Grant-Funded Research in Post-Earthquake Haiti: Data Collection and Lessons Learned in the Field
2012Jason ButlerEPIRural and Urban HIV Prevalence Comparisons in North Central Florida 2010-2011
2012Jennifer ReynoldsSBSAssessing Communication Methods Among Gainesville Community Members
2012Julie MannSBSPelvic Pain and Barriers to Care in University Women
2012June CarringtonSBSAssessment of University of Florida Mobile Outreach Clinic
2012Kaitlin M. BrunnerSBSEvaluation of the Alachua County CHOICES Health Education and Wellness Worksite Wellness Consultation Program
2012Kathryn BrandtPHMPEvaluation of Worksite Wellness Assessment & Guide
2012Lauren D. PollockSBSUncovering Health Disparities in the Prevalence and Presentation of Tourette Syndrome Between Caucasians and African-Americans
2012Lyndsey Van der LaanSBSBarriers to Care at UF's Sleep Disorder Clinic-Lab
2012Meghan Nodurft-FromanSBSTuberculosis Training and Medical Needs Assessment in Puerto Rico
2012Melissa GousseEPIHIV-Associated Behaviors Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in the Atlanta, Georgia Metropolitan Statistical Area: Data From the 2011 National HIV/AIDS Behavioral Surveillance System
2012Melissa LindemanPHMPTB and Elephants: The Real Elephant in the Room
2012Michael ThalmannPHMPVirtual Reality in Military Healthcare: Applications and Policy
2012Naomi Ardjomand-KermaniSBSAbstract
2012Nicole DantesSBSIncreasing Participation in Tobacco Cessation Classes: A Qualitative Study of Community Stakeholders
2012Quinn LundquistSBSKey Informant Interviews of the Public Health Workforce in Rural Areas of North Florida to Describe Training Needs Associated with Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS
2012Sarah KenneallySBSAssessing the Barriers to Active Living in Eastside Gainesville
2012Susan BareisSBSLiving with HIV/AIDS: Development of a Community Awareness Event
2012Tommy T. TranPHMPAn Evaluation of the UF Student Health Care Center's 'Confidential Self-Pay' Program
2011Ali MessengerDocumenting the Potential Introduction of Dengue Virus into Key West through Airline Passengers from Dengue-Endemic Locations
2011Andrea SparanoSBSDevelopment and Evaluation of Culturally Competent Tuberculosis Fotonovelas to Increase TB Testing Knowledge and Awareness in the Hispanic Community
2011Blair N. ColemanSBSSmoking Behavior among Household Smokers
2011Brandi ManningEPICase-Control Outbreak Investigation of Clostridium difficile Infections in a Bone Marrow Transplant Unit
2011Cesar G. Escobar V.PHMPUnderstanding the Integration of Behavioral Health with Primary Care at Florida's Federally Qualified Health Centers
2011Chris PintadoPHMPThe Economic Impact of the Alachua County Low Income Pool Program
2011Danielle R. WisePHMPResident Relations Initiative at Tampa General Hospital
2011Edward J. Buckley, IIIPHMPUsing Mobile Applications to Better Estimate College Students' Physical Fitness Trends
2011Hsing-Ju TsaiBIOThe Utility of Gram Stain and Culture in the Management of Limb Ulcers in Persons with Diabetes, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
2011Jordan WrightPHMPAbstract
2011Justin CoranPHPPerceptions of Cultural Competency Among UF Medical Students
2011Lisa BalfeEHEvaluation of Methods to Isolate, Detect, and Recover Salmonella from Irrigation Water in the Suwannee River Watershed
2011Louis CarrilloSBSVivir a Todo Pulmon Fontonvela Development and Evaluation
2011Michael von FrickenEPIProgram Evaluation for the Arlington County Tuberculosis Department
2011Patrice D. MossSBSBehavioral Risk Factors: Adolescents with Recently Diagnosed STDs Throughout the State of Florida
2011Rajbir MangatPHMPA Needs Assessment of a Intimate Parter Violence Assistance Clinic's Target Population in Gainesville, FL
2011Scott AntonioEPIAssessing Oral Health Needs in Alachua County
2011Shahab BozorgmehriEPIAcute Kidney Injury: Epidemiology, Risk Factors, and Survival Analysis
2011Shannon M HickeyPHMPChildhood Obesity Prevention: A Policy View
2011Tit WongEPIThe Prevalence of Opioid and Other Drug Use in Pregnancy-Associated Death of Florida Mothers from 1999-2005
2011Tyler CatonEPIDo Patients with Chronic Clostridium Difficile Infections Have Differing Intestinal Flora than Patients Without Chronic C. Diff Infection?
2011William Parker HinsonSBS ProClub: Multi-Year Assessment of the City of Gainesville's Comprehensive Wellness Program on Physical Activity
Fall 2008Vaishali KhatriEPIRisk of Sexual Dysfunction Among Patients Diagnosed with MDD Using Drug Therapy
Fall 2008Nicholas CrossSBSPositive Connections: HIV-Positive Community Health Workers as Tools for Prevention
Fall 2008Melissa Graveley-VilaroSBSNutrition Focused Needs Assessment for the Einstein Montessori Charter School: Current Realities and Future Recommendations for Improving the Dietary Culture of a School
Fall 2008Issam ZinehPHMPAbstract
Fall 2008Frances RosarioEPIHospital Infection Control: An Internship and Evaluation of Bard Anti-Infective Urinary Catheters in the Prevention of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections at North Florida Regional Medical Center