MPH Portfolio

Every MPH student in the College of Public Health and Health Professions is required to maintain an MPH Portfolio during their Master of Public Health program. The electronic portfolio is available at  A tutorial has been developed and can be accessed here .

The MPH Portfolio serves as:

  1. A guide to self-assessment of achievement of the MPH and concentration-specific competencies
  2. A compendium of documents that demonstrate accomplishments during the MPH program

Key elements include:

  • Tables of competencies, both MPH core and concentration-specific competencies
  •  A CV and/or a resume
  •  Writing samples from courses
  • Special Project report and power point presentation

Students may also identify other materials they would like to have available for potential employers.


Graduates of MPH programs are expected to be competent in a specific set of skills. The MPH core competencies are adapted from the Ten Essential Public Health Services developed by several agencies within the US Public Health Service to expand upon the three core functions of public health — assessment, policy development, and assurance. Learning objectives for the five MPH core courses were selected to contribute to the competencies. The learning objectives also reflect the topics that are covered in the Certification in Public Health examination, which has been offered since 2008. Additional competencies for each concentration were developed by the faculty, based on standards in the field.

Including the tables of competencies and corresponding coursework through which they are addressed in the MPH Portfolio assures that they are always available as a reference for the goals that students should target for achievement. Courses and other learning experiences should be selected to strengthen competence in specific areas. By tracking progress on achievement of competencies throughout their MPH programs, students can identify any areas that are deficient in their programs of study and work with their advisors to make certain that those shortcomings are addressed before graduation. Finally, the competencies describe what a fully prepared MPH graduate should be able to do. Being conversant about one’s skills and knowledge is fundamental to strong applications and interviews for professional positions.

Click below to preview the competency tables used in the MPH Portfolio in Adobe Acrobat format:

MPH Core Competencies
Biostatistics Competencies
Environmental Health Competencies
Epidemiology Competencies
Public Health Management and Policy Competencies
Social and Behavioral Sciences Competencies

Each competency table identifies a specific set of competencies and the MPH courses through which they are addressed. The last column provides space for students to indicate their own assessments of the extent to which they believe they have accomplished each competency. Competencies that have not been accomplished through the identified coursework should be discussed with faculty advisors and/or MPH program administrators.

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