Special Project

Image of students at public health day


During the internship experience, each student is required to complete a special project, which serves as the basis of a written report and an oral presentation. The special project may be one of several activities undertaken during an internship. However, it should be a substantial project which involves identification of a question/problem/issue, review of relevant literature, application of appropriate public health methods, description of results, and identification of strengths and weaknesses. If a student is part of a team working on a large project, the student’s special project is the piece for which s/he is responsible.

An oral or poster presentation based the student’s special project is made during a Public Health Day near the end of the student’s final semester in the program. Presentations are made to faculty, preceptors, fellow students, and family.


  • Fall 2018 – November 9
  • Spring 2019 – April 5
  • Summer 2019 – July 19