Public Health Day Archive

2016 Student Abstracts

Kelly Chapman EPI Cultural perceptions of vaginal health related to water quality in the Ouest region of coastal Haiti
Frederick Ashby PHMP Optimal Tools and Processes for the Frontline of Alachua County CI&R Program
Gabriela Ghita BIO Birth Weight and Age at Menarche: An NHANES Analysis
Chelsea Lutz EPI Immunization coverage of children 12-23 months old in four Zambian districts before and after implementation of community-based messages
Danielle Scheer PHMP Accredit Where Credit is Due: Evaluating the Relationship between Accreditation and Patient Satisfaction
Jayne-Marie Raponi SBS A Process Evaluation of Anchorage Alaska’s Diabetes Prevention Programs


2017 Student Abstracts

Adam Lipford EPI Treatment of Isoniazid-Resistant Tuberculosis: An Analysis of Therapy Length and Culture Conversion in Florida
Andrea Lin PHMP Assessing the Need for a Community-Based Asthma Program
Catherine Campbell PHP Effects of Financial and Environmental Factors on Food Desert Residents’ Food Purchasing and Consumption 
Chiung-Wei Huang BIO The Impact of a Physician-at-Triage on Emergency Department Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction: A Pilot Study
David Priest PHP Social Needs of Frequent Utilizers of the Emergency Department at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center
Douglas Obogo PHMP Evaluating the Effectiveness of the NICAP MyUFHealth Enrollment Program, and its Implication on Patient Experience
Kelli Selwyn SBS LGBT-Inclusive Obstetrics and Nursing Support: The L.I.O.N.S. Project
Lindsay Jackson EH Persons Living with HIV Perspectives of Their Built Environment: Results from a Study of Health and Community
Matthew Von Zimmerman EPI Presenting the need for male specific depression screening tools in primary care
Nicholas Tran EH The Effects of Tobacco Exposure on Taste and Pain Perception in the Mouth: A Review and Prospective Study
Popy Shell SBS Assessing Gaps in Home Visiting Programs That Serve Expecting Mothers and Mothers With Children Under 5 in North Central Florida
Tina Treloar PHP Diagnostic and Screening Methods for Periodontal Disease in Children and Adolescents
Xiangqi Kong BIO Seasonal Effects on the Immune System


2018 Student Abstracts

Aviva Ariel-Donges SBS The Health Belief Model in Action: A Healthy Lifestyles Program for Female Residents of the Alachua County Work Release Program
Carlyn Ellison SBS Perceptions and Beliefs Associated with the American Red Cross: Social Media Analysis
Christa Nance PHP Understanding Barriers and Perceptions to Condom Use within the MSM Population
Christa Ochoa BIO Examination of Patient Portal Utilization and Association with Clinical Outcomes in a Neurology Patient Population
Jordan King EH Aquatic Indicator Species: Exploring Environmental and Public Health Linkages in South Carolina
Kia Fuller EPI The epidemiology of Isoniazid resistant tuberculosis in cases in Florida
Matthew Citrin PHMP Creating a Comprehensive Standard Equipment Catalog and Sanitation Guide to Improve Disinfection and Sanitation Practices