FAQs (applicable to pre-Fall 2019)

When do I take the Internship & Special Project course?

The formal Internship & Special Project (PHC 6946) course will still come at the end of your program. This will generally be in the final semester.

What are some examples of internships?

See the “Internship Opportunities & Additional Resources” page for a list of up-to-date, available internships.

Will the MPH program help me find an internship?

Our Internship and Outreach Coordinator will be available for consultations regarding internship opportunities. However, it is the student’s responsibility to contact, interview with, and solidify the proposed internship plan.

How soon can I start my internship?

All students are required to complete all of the program courses before starting an internship. Students are only registered for an internship once a signed Internship Proposal form has been submitted to the Internship and Outreach Coordinator and approved. Students must have a 3.0 GPA to enter the internship phase of the program.

Can I do my internship at my curent place of employment?

To ensure the development of competencies in a variety of public health settings, this is not recommended. The MPH program may approve an internship in a setting in which students are employed, provided certain safeguards can be established to preserve the educational quality of the learning experience. Students must:

  • Have been employed by the organization with satisfactory performance.
  • Be assigned duties different from those regularly performed as an employee.
  • Have assignments that are applicable to public health core and concentration areas
  • Have assignments that offer opportunities for new experiences and learning.
  • Be able to work on and develop a special project.
  • Be assigned to a different department or program and/or to a supervisor other than their employment supervisor to oversee the internship.

Can I get paid for my internship?

Paid internships may be available in your community, but this will depend on whether the agency you are working with permits payment of interns and if it has funds available for an intern. If they cannot pay for an internship, you may request a mileage reimbursement from them.

How long is my internship?

The MPH program requires an internship f 5-9 credits, which is comprised of 48 hours of internship work per credit hour. A 5-credit internship equates to 240 total contact hours.

Do I need to complete all internship credit hours in one semester?

The MPH program permits internship credits to be divided into more than one semester.

Does my preceptor need to have an MPH degree?

Preceptors for our MPH students must have sufficient, relevant experience to mentor the student and provide a meaningful learning experience that supports the competencies and learning objectives. At a minimum, preceptors must have:

  • A working knowledge and practical experience in the project areas assigned to the student.
  • A graduat degree and at least three years of full-time, professional experiene in public health OR a terminal degree (e.g. PhD, MD) and current, professional experience in public health OR a BA/BS with 5+ years of public health experience.
  • An interest in and commitment to helping a graduate student.
  • Time to commit to mentor a student.