Public Health Day

The oral and written reports of the special project constitute the culminating experience in the MPH program. These reports are graded by the Supervisory Chair, with input from one additional faculty member who assess the oral report. Your performance in these reports constitutes the letter grade for PHC 6601 Seminar in Contemporary Public Health Issues.  Oral reports are presented on Public Health Day.

Public Health Day Dates

  • Fall 2020 – November 13, 2020
  • Spring 2021 – TBD
  • Summer 2021 – TBD


Students are required to prepare abstracts of their reports before the oral presentation. Your abstract serves as a short summary of your project and should make the reader want to learn more about the project. Abstracts should follow these guidelines:

  • An abstract is less than 10% of the length of the written report
  • Note key facts in each category: issue/problem, methods, results, implications
    1. Avoid a statement of scope; a sentence like “this paper will look at….”
    2. Be sure to omit or condense lengthy examples, tables, and other supporting detail
    3. Think of the abstract itself as a mini-essay
  • Be sure that the abstract is complete, accurate, and written in the same voice as the paper.
  • Abstracts should be submitted with your PowerPoint presentation 48 hours before your Public Health Day presentation (see the PHC6601 coursesite for specific deadlines.)

Oral Report

Specific times for each presentation are posted before Public Health Day. Each student is allocated 20 minutes for his/her presentation: 15 minutes for the formal presentation, followed by a 5-minute question and answer period. Specific content required for oral reports is specified in the PHC 6601 syllabus, along with criteria for assessment of presentation style.

For Online Students Only: Online oral presentations are made during a Public Health Day at the end of each semester and all students and preceptors are invited to attend your presentation in a campus classroom. The Supervisory Committee Chair and another faculty reviewer will view each presentation remotely. Online MPH students are not required to come to the UF campus to deliver their presentations, but they may elect to come and present.  The College will provide a web platform for presentations.  Each online student will participate in a mandatory practice session and a second recording session during the week leading up to Public Health Day.  Students will attend Public Health Day via Skype, and conduct their question and answer period in real time.  Presenters will be required to have a Power Point presentation, a webcam, and a microphone for the presentation.

Written Report

Each student prepares a scholarly paper, 15-20 pages in length (exclusive of graphs, figures, and references), based on the special project undertaken as part of the internship. A substantial portion of this paper includes an in-depth discussion of the manner in which the MPH and concentration-specific competencies were strengthened by conducting the special project. A near-final draft of the written paper must be submitted two weeks before Public Health Day and approved by the Supervisory Committee Chair before the student can be scheduled for a Public Health Day presentation. Specific content required for written reports is specified in the Master of Public Health Student Handbook (Page 95). Two copies of the final paper must be submitted by a date announced each semester. One copy of the paper is submitted to the Supervisory Committee Chair for grading. The second copy is submitted to the Program Assistant for inclusion in the student’s permanent file.

Public Health Day Abstract Archive

Please click here for an archive of previous abstracts submitted for the college’s Public Health Day.