PHC 6946 Internship Guidelines

MPH Preceptor Handbook_19-20

Internship (PHC 6946) is a key component of the Master of Public Health culminating experience.

Refer to pages 76 – 103 of the Student Handbook for the syllabi for PHC 6601 and PHC 6946.


All MPH students are required to complete an internship with a public health or related agency. While every internship involves different goals and activities, all of them provide numerous opportunities for students to enrich and expand on one or more of the MPH core competencies and one or more of their concentration-specific competencies.The internship is usually completed in the student’s final semester in the program. Within each internship experience, students must complete a special project that demonstrates their ability to define an issue, apply methods appropriate to their concentration, and produce results. The special project serves as the basis for a final written report and either an oral or poster presentation. These final activities of the MPH program are intended to encourage students to understand their projects in the larger context of public health as a cross-disciplinary field and in relation to the competencies expected of all MPH graduates. Student presentations are scheduled on one of three Public Health Days near the end of fall, spring and summer semesters.

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