APE Proposal Form and Deadlines


APE Semester Proposal Deadline
Fall 2024 8/2/2024
Spring 2025 12/6/2024
Summer 2025 4/18/2025


Internship Proposal Packet

This packet contains the Internship Proposal Form and Work Plan students must complete and submit to the APE Coordinator to be registered for PHC 6941, The Applied Practice Experience. Students will ONLY be registered if their proposal packet has been submitted by the deadline and approved by the APE Coordinator.


CEPH Core & Concentration Specific Competencies

This is a list of the public health competencies, including CEPH’s core/foundational competencies and the MPH program’s concentration-specific competencies. Students must create deliverables demonstrating chosen public health competencies during ILE/Capstone and APE.

Proposal Submissions

Please email completed proposal forms to the APE Coordinator by the deadline. Proposals submitted after the deadline may not be considered.

Karina E Wilson
Department: College of Public Health and Health Professions Dean's Office

Karina E Wilson MPH

Applied Practice Experience And Outreach Coordinator, MPH Program
Phone: (352) 294-5425