Public Health Day


Public Health Day presentations of special projects are completed by students in PHC 6940: Master of Public Health Capstone. The presentation and written report constitute the culminating experience in the MPH program. These reports are graded by the faculty advisor, with input from one additional faculty member who assesses the presentation.

Public Health Day Dates

Spring 2024: April 15th and April `16th – More information coming soon!

Fall 2023: November 29th and 30th – More information here.

Summer 2023: July 26th – More information here.

Spring 2023: March 31st and April 3rd – More information here.

Fall 2022: November 15th-17th – More information here.


Students are required to prepare abstracts of their reports before the presentation. Your abstract serves as a short summary of your project and should make the reader want to learn more about the project. Abstracts should follow these guidelines:

  • Less than 250 words
  • Note key facts in each category: issue/problem, methods, results, implications
    • Avoid a statement of scope; a sentence like “this paper will look at…”
    • Be sure to omit or condense lengthy examples, tables, and other supporting detail
    • Think of the abstract itself as a mini-essay
  • Be sure that the abstract is complete, accurate, and written in the same voice as the paper.
  • Final abstracts are submitted to your Capstone course (PHC 6940) about 1 week prior to your Public Health Day presentation (see the PHC 6940 Canvas site for specific deadlines).


Summer and Fall Public Health Day presentations are completely virtual. Spring presentations are virtual or in-person, dependent on the student’s program modality (online versus on-campus).

Oral Presentation

Specific times for each presentation are posted before Public Health Day. Typically, each student is allocated 25 minutes for their presentation: 15 minutes for the formal presentation, followed by a 10-minute question and answer period. Specific content required for oral presentations is specified in the PHC 6940 syllabus along with criteria for assessment of presentation style.

Public Health Day Zoom Guide

Public Health Day Abstract Archive

Please click here for an archive of previous abstracts submitted for the college’s Public Health Day.