Capstone, APE, and Internship Resources – Students

Before graduating from the MPH program, all students (enrolled Fall 2019 or after) complete an Applied Practice Experience (via completion of public health service hours, an internship, and PHC 6941 MPH Applied Practice Experience) and an Integrative Learning Experience (via completion of PHC 6940 MPH Capstone). Students enrolled prior to Fall 2019 have separate requirements, which can be found here.

Applied Practice Experience and Integrative Learning Experience Components

Public Health Service Hours (50 hours)

– Accumulated throughout time in program.

– Self-tracked by students.

– Factual Report written for each experience.

– Time logs and reports are posted to students’ e-folios as an assignment in PHC 6941 .

Internship (150 hours)

– Internship is completed as part of PHC 6941.

– Internship proposal and supporting materials are approved by faculty advisor and turned into Internship Coordinator approximately one month prior to beginning internship.

– Students complete a minimum of two portfolio products that show mastery of a minimum of 5 public health competencies (3 foundational and 2 concentration)

PHC 6941 MPH Applied Practice Experience

– Taken in final semester of plan of study, and is comprised of Internship and the creation of portfolio products.

– Students post assignments to either their e-folio or Canvas.

– Internship Coordinator signs off on completed APE hours.

– Faculty Advisors grade portfolio products.

PHC 6940 MPH Capstone

– Taken in final semester of plan of study.

– Capstone Project is completed within course, under guidance of course instructor.

– Capstone Project is presented on Public Health Day.

– Capstone Project is reviewed and graded by either your instructor or your faculty advisor.

Internship Resources

While the 150 hours of internship (or 240 hours, for pre-Fall 2019 students) are typically completed during the student’s final semester, preparation occurs throughout the program:

Two semesters prior to internship:

Student meets with faculty advisor to discuss internship. Student begins to seek out internship sites and arrange interviews and meetings with potential preceptors.

Semester prior to internship:

Submit internship questionnaire, with Faculty Advisor signature, no later than 2 weeks after the first day of classes. Establish internship site. Submit internship proposal to Faculty Advisor (no less than two weeks before deadline). Submit proposal, with Faculty Advisor and preceptor signatures, to Internship Coordinator. Internship Proposals for Spring 2022 internships are due Monday, November 15th.

Public Health Day Resources

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