Online MPH Degree


Darian Travis

"UF's online MPH program opened my eyes to socioeconomic needs and health deficiencies in the U.S. and abroad. This new information has encouraged me to pursue a doctorate in optometry where I will be able to directly provide essential health services to the public. Without this program, I would not be able to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham in their highly ranked optometry school. UF has given me the tools I need to succeed academically and professionally in any setting."

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The online MPH program, designed for distance students, is a 48-credit course of study that includes all of the design features of the campus-based program and is fully online with no campus visits required. Courses are offered on a semester schedule with weekly due dates. Lectures are prerecorded and available for students to watch at their convenience. Exams are administered through an online proctoring service. The online MPH curriculum has been designed to encourage the development of competence in key public health skills and to meet current standards in the field of public health, Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) accreditation criteria, and the college’s mission, vision, goals and objectives. An online 42-credit MPH program is available to health professionals who possess the terminal degree in their fields. This degree is typically at the doctoral level, but for some health disciplines, it may be at the master’s level.

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Graduation Requirements

Requirements for graduation from the online MPH program are:

  • One course in each of the five core areas (15 credits)
  • Core courses in an area of concentration (12-18 credits)
  • Elective courses relevant to the chosen concentration and individual career goals (up to 15 credits)
  • Applied Practice Experience/Public Health Internship (3-6 credits)
  • Integrated Learning Experience/Capstone (3 credits)

MPH Core Courses

All online MPH students take five core public health course covering Biostatistics, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Population Health Management, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. The core Biostatistics course varies across concentration areas.

Students must take three credits of PHC 6940 Capstone and three to six credits of PHC 6941 Applied Practice Experience.

Required core public health courses that all MPH students must take:

  • PHC6050—Statistical Methods for Health Science I (3) OR PHC6052—Introduction to Biostatistical Methods (3)
  • PHC6001—Principles of Epidemiology in Public Health (3)
  • HSA6114—Introduction to the U.S. Health Care System (3)
  • PHC6313—Environmental Health Concepts in Public Health (3)
  • PHC6410—Psychological, Behavioral, and Social Issues in Public Health (3)


Online MPH students are admitted into one of three concentration areas, from which the number and type of advanced specialty course credits are determined. The concentration areas are population health management, public health practice, and social and behavioral sciences. Each concentration has unique requirements that have been designed to prepare students to become public health professionals in their chosen area of interest.

Please select a concentration below to review credit hours and course requirements:

MPH Competencies

All students in the MPH program are expected to master a set of Public Health Foundational Competencies during the course of their studies. The competencies have been set forth by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) and are required competencies for all accredited Schools of Public Health. These competencies are achieved through the MPH core courses and are well-aligned with the certification domains covered by the Certified in Public Health (CPH) exam.