Valentina Gómez attends the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Healthcare Summit

Valentina Gómez, a student in the combined Bachelor of Public Health/Master of Public Health program with a concentration in social and behavioral sciences, attended the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, or HSF, Healthcare Summit in Los Angeles, California, February 8-11. The annual Healthcare Summit introduces HSF Scholars interested in the field to specialized information from industry insiders and career opportunities in diverse professions, including medical, clinical, pharmaceutical, and other healthcare-related fields. The experience highlights Gómez dedication to advancing healthcare knowledge and skills and her strong engagement with the Hispanic community’s contributions to the industry.

Gómez said, “This experience was not only enriching but also inspiring, as I had the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of future and current healthcare professionals. Together, we share a common goal: to decrease health disparities and improve access to quality care across the nation.”