2022 MPH Superior Accomplishment Award Winners

Two of the eight College of Public Health and Health Professions employees named as UF Superior Accomplishment Award winners in the Health Science Center division are members of the MPH population! To read about all eight of the winners, click here.

The Superior Accomplishment Awards recognize employees who contribute to outstanding service, efficiency, and/or economy to the university, or play a role in the quality of life provided to students and employees. Health Science Center division winners are submitted as nominees to compete for the university-level Superior Accomplishment Awards.

Our two MPH award winners are:


Zoe Martusewicz, an MPH student and administrative support assistant in the department of epidemiology. Her nominators wrote: “She is a tremendously positive person to work with. She comes in each morning with a smile and leaves at the end of the day with a smile. She has a keen sense of purpose, is perspicacious, and really good at her job. Zoe takes initiative, possesses inherent flexibility, and has an excellent work ethic. She has excellent attention to detail and handles new challenges easily and with a smile on her face. She has a terrific capacity to do the needful, on time, and with a great demeanor.” She has also been reported to have a billboard outside her office with funny quips and puns that she changes every Monday, which contributes to a positive work environment.


Aubrey Bonsal, the admissions coordinator for the MPH program and administrative specialists in the dean’s office. Her nominators wrote: “Aubrey’s efforts were truly exceptional. Her work ethic, commitment, and determination played a key role in the College’s successful accreditation. And she did all this during a period when her job duties were shifting to meet the needs of the Master of Public Health program. She has handled the changes in her duties and in her assigned supervisor with flexibility and grace. Rather than being overwhelmed, she’s faced every challenge with enthusiasm and determination. Aubrey is an exceptional and invaluable part of our team.”