Social and Behavioral Sciences presentations at APHA conference

Many members of the Social and Behavioral Sciences concentration, both students and faculty, presented at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, held in November in San Diego, CA.

  • Elizabeth Wood – “Addressing violence in rural Tajikistan.”
  • Kelly Chapman and Elizabeth Wood – “Water insecurity knowledge, attitudes, and practices among Haitian women in rural Haiti.”
  • Samantha Bodner, Maria Bolanos, Nicole Cruz,and Mark Hart – “Perceptions of gun violence as a public health issue as seen through social media.”
  • Maria Bolanos, Samantha Bodner, Nicole Cruz, and Mark Hart – “Evaluation of public health program(s) targeting gun violence.”
  • Christopher Blanco, Nichole Stetten, Mark Hart, Sarah Hanson, and Juliet Fetteroll – “Perception of medical marijuana usage for people with multiple sclerosis as seen through social media.”
  • Kanathy Haney, Mark Hart, Kelsea LeBeau, and Samantha Bodner – “Factors associated with successful reintegration of sex trafficking survivors from the survivor perspective.”
  • Kanathy Haney, Annika Czizik, Mark Hart, and Nichole Stetten – “Misconceptions of pornography and sex trafficking: How social media reflects attitudes of the general public.”
  • Kanathy Haney, Annika Czizik, Mark Hart, and Nichole Stetten – “Twitter and porn: America runs on porn. How social media reflects the public health issue of pornography.”
  • Alexis Jennings and Irene Estores – “Focus groups to qualitatively analyze how race impacts the patient preference of Integrative Health among cancer patients.”
  • Lindsey King, Carol Lewis, Donna Marie Ritchie, and Mark Hart – “Implementation and evaluation of a school-based, teacher-led mindfulness intervention as part of a trauma-responsive, resilient community initiative.”
  • Allison Myers, Nichole Stetten, Amanda Ojeda, and Mark Hart – “Perceptions of medical marijuana usage for people in Florida as seen through social media.”

SBS APHA Presenters

Top left: Chris Blanco, top right: Kelsea LeBeau, bottom left: Maria Bolanos and Nicole Cruz, bottom right: Elizabeth Wood