APHA: What to Expect and Tips for Successfully Navigating the Conference

This past week, a number of UF students and faculty members traveled to Denver, Colorado for the annual American Public Health Association (APHA) meeting. Some students were there to present research while other students were there to experience APHA for the first time. Below is a message from Karen Restrepo, a UF MPH student and the current president of the Public Health Student Association. Karen gives insight on what students looking to attend the next APHA convention can expect.

Photo Courtesy of APHA

Written by: Karen Restrepo

Though APHA can seem overwhelming at times, with an appropriate amount of preparation and an open-mind, APHA can be a wonderful personal and professional learning opportunity. APHA allows attendees to network with other healthcare professionals and to be at the forefront of industry research. Moreover, it is a great way to solidify, or even redirect, your academic and/or professional career goals. The memories and connections gained from attending APHA lies mostly on the attendee’s willingness to participate and take advantage of the Exhibitions and Presentations.

The Exhibition, consisting of thousands of booths, allows for attendees to connect with universities, NGOs, and public and private organizations. The Presentations consist of both oral and poster presentations, where students and healthcare professionals present their research and answer attendees’ questions and concerns. Attendees can leisurely walk throughout the Exhibition, and the Presentations are typically arranged in 1 to 2-hour time slots. One way to take advantage of the conference is to decide beforehand which presentations to attend and which organizations to visit. It would also be wise to schedule time to eat, sleep, and explore the culturally-rich city in which the conference is sure to be held!



Karen Restrepo is currently a second-year Master of Public Health Candidate concentrating in Health Policy and Management and the current president of Public Health Student Association.